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Dangerous Magnetic Storms This Weekend


This Saturday and Sunday we will be subject to dangerous magnetic storms that cause depression and heart attacks, warn cardiologists and experts from NASA.

The magnetic storms will be most dangerous to people suffering from kidney diseases and heart problems. In most people, they will induce depression, but in the most severe cases, it's possible for heart attacks to occur.

The storms will be a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere. They will increase migraine symptoms, while people with vestibular disorders might end up bedridden.

The experts warn that it's possible for other bodily ailments to occur, such as insomnia, headache and a worsening of certain chronic diseases.


The reasoning according to scientists, is that the activity of the Sun, that causes the disturbances, has crossed the prime meridian, going from the Eastern hemisphere to the Western, which has a greater geo-effectiveness.

The anomalies will be in effect all weekend because of the radon that will reach the atmosphere.

At such times, the frequency of arrhythmias and myocardial infarctions increases.

People who don't feel well should immediately seek medical attention and not treat themselves.

Sad girl

This weekend it is advised to avoid alcohol, heavy fatty foods and cigarettes. Alongside this, increase the consumption of foods that contain more vitamins.

This will save us from the depression, caused by the disturbances in the magnetosphere due to the increased solar activity.

Doctors also recommend for us to go to bed earlier during magnetic storm days and that we absolutely must get more than 7 hours of sleep per day. Also, we should avoid drinking liquids at night.