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The Shocking Top 13 Strangest Psychological Disorders!

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The human brain is something beyond complex and it would be a wonder if we ever completely unravel its mysteries. There are many cases in which it can play a cruel joke on us. Here are the strangest psychological disorders that affect a sizable chunk of humanity:


This disorder makes the affected steal things they don't necessarily need. Women are affected more often. According to scientists, the cause lies in a mineral imbalance in the grey matter of the brain.

Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome

This condition is caused by an intolerance toward certain settings and is expressed by a feeling of nausea once you enter an office. Today, over 30% of buildings predispose toward this problem.

Latah Syndrome

Older women suffer from this syndrome, losing control over their behavior. In some cases they imitate the behavior of those around them, while in others they can be placed under complete control. They can hit and even kill someone, without realizing what they're doing.

Jerusalem Syndrome

An extraordinarily interesting form of religious psychosis. Upon their visit to Jerusalem, the tourist, regardless of their faith, begins to see themselves as one of the prophets of God. Several weeks after leaving the city, this condition abates.

Cotard Delusion

The condition is also known as walking corpse syndrome. The afflicted thinks themselves to be nonexistent or dead and may claim that they have no innards or that these are putrefying. It occurs in patients suffering from severe depression or mental disorders.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

This speech disorder induces sudden changes in intonation and pronunciation. Usually it results from trauma or head injury. It can develop up to 2 years after the event. Less than 1% of those affected restore their normal way of speaking.

Stendhal Syndrome

A person suffering from this syndrome experiences infirmity whenever they view art or anything beautiful. It is expressed in dizziness, rapid heartbeat, even hallucinations. Sometimes the emotions can escalate and lead to a desire for destruction.

Exploding Head Syndrome

The sufferer feels as if their head is trying to explode or hears a horrifying sound. The condition is activated at night, several hours before sleep. Experts link it to the stress and tension of daily life.

Capgras Syndrome

The afflicted is absolutely convinced that a member of the family has been replaced with a duplicate. They begin to avoid them. The condition is linked to brain damage or trauma in the right brain hemisphere. It can also occur after drug overdose.


Genital Retraction Syndrome

In this case, women believe that their breasts are receding into their body, while men think that their manhood is shrinking so much that it will completely disappear. In some cases, the patient is convinced that they've become the victim of black magic.

Water Allergies

This condition is very real and is characterized by severe itching all over the body, caused by contact with water. Some patients can't even tolerate their own sweat.

Hypertrichosis or Werewolf Syndrome

The condition induces excessive hair growth. Usually it affects the upper part of the body, including the face. There have been 50 documented cases in the world, most frequently caused by genetic changes or genetic predisposition.

Pica Syndrome

A rarely seen condition that makes those affected ingest strange items such as rubber, plastic, glass, sand, clay. This is explained by the body's natural needs. When there is a deficiency of certain substances it tries to fill the gap, even though the sources in this cause are more than usual.