The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
On May 17, 1930, his lastest invention in this field blew up during a test run, killing its inventor....
Inventions which destroyed their inventorsInventions which destroyed their inventors
10 Oct.
But his invention was not safe at all - during the first test it killed five of the nine on board. In the second run they all died, including the inventor himself....
The Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were SpectacularThe Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were Spectacular
22 Nov.
The problem was that before they realized said inventions were no good, their inventors thought they had made a great discovery....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
Egyptians were intelligent people who made inventions in almost every corner of life, which made them the longest lived civilization....
The Death Ray - Tesla`s Last InventionThe Death Ray - Tesla`s Last Invention
09 Feb.
The series presents and explores Tesla's last invention - the Death Ray. It is believed that it was supposed to be the first weapon of mass destruction....
Japanese Astronaut Makes Sensational DiscoveryJapanese Astronaut Makes Sensational Discovery
09 Jan.
An astronaut from Japan has made a sensational discovery while aboard his stay at the International Space Station....
Sensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on MarsSensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on Mars
08 June
NASA has announced that they've found signs of life at an official press conference held yesterday, June 7. The discovery was made using the Mars Curiosity Rover. Organic molecules have been found on the Red Planet,...
Sensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken ShipSensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken Ship
08 Dec.
The wreck of the San Jose has been found off the coasts of Colombia, with preliminary information stating that it has on board gold, silver coins and emeralds, valued at $1.5 billion. Colombian president Juan Manuel...
Sensation: Ufologist Finds Cities on VenusSensation: Ufologist Finds Cities on Venus
04 May
The discovery of ufologist and amateur researcher, known on the net as mundodesconocido, has stirred up a genuine sensation....
Space Sensation! Cassini Dives Between Saturn's RingsSpace Sensation! Cassini Dives Between Saturn's Rings
28 Apr.
Cassini has done it! The spacecraft has successfully completed the 1st of a series of dives between Saturn and its rings. The photos it has made are beyond unique. NASA has announced that Cassini has once again begun...
The Secret of the Lake with the SkeletonsThe Secret of the Lake with the Skeletons
30 Apr.
Himalayas have the glory of being merciless mountains, which have killed hundreds of lovers of dangerous adventures. The slopes of the Himalayas keep in their icy embrace the bodies of the unfortunate climbers who have...
What Are the Dates of the Zodiac Signs?What Are the Dates of the Zodiac Signs?
22 Oct.
For all of known history, humans have gazed with hopeful eyes toward the star-dotted sky, always trying to predict their future and potential signs of fate. The area immediately above and below the ecliptic, or the so-called...
The cat and the darknessThe cat and the darkness
10 Oct.
"... She believes in superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls", is said in a Ricky Martin song. It is not the first that since ancient times there are few animals that are as loved and undesirable as cats. They are surrounded...
The Language of the AngelsThe Language of the Angels
30 Mar.
The angelic alphabet can also often be seen under the name "Enochian alphabet". It was written and popularized by John Dee and Edward Kelley at the end of the 16th century. The 2 men who were famously known as seers claimed...
The Legend of the DreamcatcherThe Legend of the Dreamcatcher
05 Nov.
A dreamcatcher or dream snare is a handmade Native American amulet, made from a willow hoop with a woven net of cords, giving the appearance of a web. A feather of a night bird is placed in the center, usually one from an...