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Japanese Astronaut Makes Sensational Discovery


An astronaut from Japan has made a sensational discovery while aboard his stay at the International Space Station. Norishige Kanai announced on his social networking profile that he has grown by nearly 4″ (10 cm) during his space adventure.

Kanai has spent less than a month at the International Space Station. After being subjected to detailed medical examinations it became evident that there was a significant change in his height. The man's height had increased by nearly 4″ (10 cm) - something which he hadn't experienced since his childhood years.

The news shocked the astronaut so much that he rushed to share it in is Twitter profile, even joking that he would not be able to fit in his seat aboard the Soyuz spacecraft in the future.

Kanai's message was also commented by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Its representatives shared that numerous studies have also registered growth spurts in humans due to the lesser gravity in space. Until now, however, this increase in height had never exceeded 3/4″ (2 cm).