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Numerology: Personal Number 9Numerology: Personal Number 9
13 Aug.
If you want to find out your personal number according to numerology, add up all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number - this is your personal number....
Numerology: Personal Number 8Numerology: Personal Number 8
12 Aug.
Persons with a personal number 8 hate lying, duplicity and drama. You can trust them completely, since they will always do what they've promised....
Numerology: Personal Number 7Numerology: Personal Number 7
04 Aug.
Persons with a personal number 7 are proud and highly independent, that's why they have a hard time accepting advice, as well as aid from others. People with a personal number 7 are magnetic personalities....
Numerology: Personal Number 6Numerology: Personal Number 6
03 Aug.
This is your personal number, which determines your fate. Persons with a personal number 6 are honest, good, cheerful and find the positive even on the darkest of days....
Numerology: Personal Number 5Numerology: Personal Number 5
28 July
Persons with a personal number 5 are impulsive in their thoughts, as well as in their actions....
Numerology: Personal Number 4Numerology: Personal Number 4
19 July
A person with a personal number 4 has few friends but they are for life. You can always depend on a person with a personal number 4....
Numerology: Personal Number 3Numerology: Personal Number 3
18 July
A personal number 3 leads a person to constantly show an interest in the small details and have numerous and varied interests....
Numerology: Personal Number 2Numerology: Personal Number 2
17 July
If your personal number is 2, you are a levelheaded, tactical and calm person. You're always ready to stand up for those close to you....
Numerology: Personal Number 1Numerology: Personal Number 1
10 July
People with an odd personal number, such as 1, strive toward changes no matter their chosen undertaking. They easily deal with any issue....
Your Personal Gua NumberYour Personal Gua Number
21 Feb.
For example, if calculating the personal Gua number of a boy born in January 2010, it is calculated that the boy was born in 2009. His personal Gua number would be 9....
The Drama Queen Signs of the ZodiacThe Drama Queen Signs of the Zodiac
19 Sept.
However, in others, it may prevail and dominate the person's whole essence....
What the Imum Coeli Angle Shows in our Personal HoroscopeWhat the Imum Coeli Angle Shows in our Personal Horoscope
02 Mar.
It shows the roots of the person, their attitude toward their parents, birthplace and traditions....
World's Shortest Person DiesWorld's Shortest Person Dies
07 Sept.
The man famous for being the shortest person in the world died on September 3rd. Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal passed away at 75 years of age, report world media....
The Third Person SyndromeThe Third Person Syndrome
25 Apr.
This says Lincoln Hull, and the phenomenon is called the syndrome of the third person, or third person factor. These are cases where people feel a presence, visible or invisible....
Reading a Person’s Character by their HandsReading a Person’s Character by their Hands
19 Sept.
The more inadequate and abrupt the movements are, the more anxious the person really is. When the hands are clasped in front, they reveal a calm person with a peaceful temperament....

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