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Numerology: Personal Number 2

Jana G.Jana G.
Number 2

To find out your personal number according to numerology, you must add all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number.

If your personal number is 2, you are a levelheaded, tactical and calm person. You're always ready to stand up for those close to you. There is no better aid than you when it comes to defending the interests of your family and friends.

Your key to success is your cooperation with many people. You're the perfect business partner. Thanks to your inborn diplomacy, you feel comfortable everywhere.

For you it's a pleasure to discover new people, no matter their social status and level of intellect. You always try to avoid conflict situations.

For you it's not important to show off and be the center of attention. You easily forgive anyone and easily find an excuse even for the most unjust act toward you.


You value sophisticated things, you are a spiritual personality. You are disgusted by any expression of cowardice and attempts to bully those who are weaker.

In general, people with a personal number of 2 are interested in art and it is important for them to be on top of any intellectual news.

Whenever they must make a decision in a critical situation, they are restrained and careful. They try to find the best way to make everyone feel good.

Persons with a personal number of 2 are analysts and always gather the maximum amount of information before taking any kind of action.

Whenever they do something, they are diplomatic, moderate and wise. This wins them many new friends and always causes the people around them to admire them.

Despite their good nature, folks with a personal number of 2 have the capability to easily manipulate others and thus reach their goals with ease.

Their negative sides are their suspiciousness, the doubts which always haunt them, as well as their abrupt change in mood.

Home and family are placed on a pedestal for people with a personal number of 2. They cannot live all alone because they have a need to take care of someone.