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Numerology: Personal Number 4

Jana G.Jana G.
Personal number 4

Each person is born with a personal number, which will determine their fate. You can find out your personal number by adding up the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Continue adding until you get a single digit number.

People with an even personal number, such as 4, are loving and artistic. They find ways to express their creative nature in any given situation.

The behavior of people with a personal number 4 possesses many characteristics which make them resemble children. Even so, a person with a personal number 4 has a tendency toward truly bold expressions.

Folks with a personal number 4 are even-tempered, hard-working and love independence. For them the most important thing is to sleep soundly and not have any problems on their conscience.

Every task they must do, they carry out carefully and successively and that is exactly why they enjoy great success, no matter their field of expression.


They do not like to take risks, preferring to play it safe. Therefore, before they decide on a course of action, they need to ponder every single thing for a long time.

But if they have already decided to do something, there is no force on the planet which can make them think again. At such times, there are no obstacles which they can't overcome.

As a whole, persons with a personal number 4 are traditionalists, led by their intellect and logic when making decisions.

They are not impulsive, but sometimes make the wrong decisions because they are guided by their emotions. At other times, they miss golden opportunities just because they have doubts about the end result.

Folks with a personal number 4 are smart but also highly vulnerable. In this sense they are like little children - even the slightest insult can devastate them.

A person with a personal number 4 has few friends but they are for life. You can always depend on a person with a personal number 4.

Among their negative characteristics are their laziness, jealousy, agitation, stubbornness, as well as their eternal conservatism.

Such persons shine best wherever these is a need for concentration and caution. They can carry out monotonous tasks, which others feel powerless against.