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Numerology: Personal Number 8

Jana G.Jana G.
Number 8

Anyone can find out their personal number, according to numerology, by adding all of the digits of the date, month and year of their birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number. This is your personal number.

People with a personal number 8 are dominant and ambitious. They always strive to achieve more than the others and often stop at nothing to reach their goal.

They are simply born for administrative work and marketing. Money, power and success - this is their entire life. They have the ability to turn their dreams into reality, which is why they dream of things, which others dare not even think about.

People with a personal number 8 are impulsive and bold, they often have extreme views of things. They trust no one, not even those closest to them, because they always expect betrayal.

Even so, they are generous and good to their loved ones and friends. Whenever they have to make a decision about something important, they analyze the situation from all possible angles and calculate what would be the best method of action.


These are people who are aware of their own capabilities and are not afraid to take risks and work a lot. It is this that allows them to achieve everything they want. Their endurance is worth being envious of.

They look at everything realistically, do not delude themselves, but never let others fool them. They give it their all at work and always appear to be competent experts.

Persons with a personal number 8 hate lying, duplicity and drama. You can trust them completely, since they will always do what they've promised.

The negative sides to people with a personal number 8 are the excessive thirst for power and aim to get rich, their desire to manipulate those around them and their egotism.

Folks with a personal number 8 may miss an important family holiday but never the opportunity to earn Money.

A person with a personal number 8 will enjoy their opportunities to earn money throughout their whole life, no matter their field of expertise.