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Numerology: Personal Number 9

Jana G.Jana G.
Number 9

If you want to find out your personal number according to numerology, add up all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number - this is your personal number. It will determine your fate.

People with a personal number of 9 have supreme intellectual abilities and a strong will. They are interested in art and are creative by nature.

Many of them become inventors, musicians, artists, poets or writers. They are highly observant and thanks to this ability of theirs are able to peer into the conscious of many people.

This helps them triumph in difficult situations and deal with many of the problems that appear to be too complex for others.

They are compassionate and born humanitarians. They are capable of helping someone they don't even know and do a lot for them. These types of people never pass by someone in trouble with indifference.


People with a personal number 9 cannot ever be subordinates and that is a huge problem that prevents them from working well as part of a team. They cannot stand having bosses and work best when they have their own business.

These persons have need of complete freedom and that is why they love traveling to distant nations. For them, a vacation in their own country is not interesting enough, since they have already investigated every inch of their homeland long ago.

They love to travel and are not pretentious. It's not important for them to be in some luxurious hotel, they can feel perfectly fine in a tent, as long as the nature around them is beautiful. They would hitchhike if they don't have the right financial means, just to make their dreams of traveling the world a reality.

The negative sides to their character is their excessive emotionality, constant fancies, hot temper, tendency toward aggression, the lack of sufficient patience.

The high level of intellect of these types of people helps them achieve tremendous successes. They can work without compensation if they know that they can help those in need in this way.