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Numerology: Personal Number 3

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Number 3

According to numerology, in order to find out your personal number, you must add all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number.

People with a personal number of 3 are talented, with a sharp mind and a highly-developed intuition. 3 bestows people with ingenuity and an extraordinary flexibility - both in a physical and intellectual sense.

A personal number 3 leads a person to constantly show an interest in the small details and have numerous and varied interests.

These are sensitive types of people, who tend to put up with destitution and sacrifice themselves in the name of their loved ones and friends. They are even prepared to make a sacrifice for people they don't even know or have met only recently.

These types of persons love being the center of attention and flattery gives them great pleasure. They literally will not feel good if they do not get at least one compliment a day.


They have the ability to enjoy life and provide happiness to the people around them. They always take whatever happens to them as a sign of fate.

There is practically no one that can resist their charm. They are skilled speakers and sometimes others even view them as talkative. They are sociable and easily make friends with new people.

They easily handle difficult situations. Their enthusiasm and optimism are an inspiration to others and help them become more active.

These types of people rarely try to dominate their loved ones. They always receive a warm welcome in any group, have tons of friends and people who would unquestionably support them.

The negative side to this number is that these persons cannot utilize their time and talent correctly. They are way too emotional and once they have money, they spend it in order to delight their friends with gifts and vacations.

They never have problems earning money. It's a big problem for them to keep at least part of what they have earned for themselves.

Persons with a personal number of 3 have successes in various fields. Artistic professions are the most suitable for them since they are creative by nature.