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Numerology: Personal Number 6

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number 6

Your personal number can be determined by adding up all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number.

This is your personal number, which determines your fate. Persons with a personal number 6 are honest, good, cheerful and find the positive even on the darkest of days.

They are happy with their achieved goals, without having any ambitions for career or fame. People with a personal number 6 are generous and loyal friends. They always do good for the people around them, even if they have felt betrayed or disappointed.

They are gentle and diplomatic, easy to come to like, because they don't have many negative qualities. If they become someone's friend, it's forever.

Persons with a personal number 6 only feel good when they are surrounded by friends. For them it's a true pleasure to have guests in their home everyday.

Their main goal is the happiness and welfare of their family and friends. For these, they are prepared to let go of their own pursuits and forget about their aspirations. In their view, the most important goal is to assure the comfort of their relatives and for it they are prepared to work to the point of near exhaustion.


They are always happy and filled with energy, they are the perfect company and wonderful storytellers. They enjoy the finer things and among these is delicious food. They always seek the harmony and beauty in everything that surrounds them.

Among the negative characteristics of people with a personal number 6 are jealousy, wastefulness, the inability to resist temptations, as well as at times, their dissatisfaction of their relatives' efforts when it comes to achieving certain goals.

Persons with a personal number 6 can easily achieve success in many fields, but they must believe in their own abilities, which is sometimes difficult for them.

Their decisions are always guided by their feelings. These types of people are gentle, romantic and have a serious attitude toward love. They might be inconsistent in their passions but only up until the point when they find true love.