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Numerology: Personal Number 1

Jana G.Jana G.
Number 1

According to numerology, in order to find out your personal number, you must add all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number.

This is the number which determines your fate, your character and your path in life. People with an odd personal number, such as 1, strive toward changes no matter their chosen undertaking.

They easily deal with any issue. In their view, everything in this world that concerns them happens in order for them to be happier.

The number 1 provides people with an unusual energy. They realize bold ideas, build new paths and help other people achieve their goals.

Therefore, if your personal number is 1, you can easily turn into a leader. You are calm and keep your cool even in the most complex situations.

You are proactive and initiative, ambitious and love competitions, which is why you do everything possible to come out of them triumphant.


Your courage is your strongest characteristic. You easily figure out the type of people sitting across from you, but when it comes to those close to you, you lose the ground underneath your feet and can be easily duped.

You have a gift of convincing people, which is why you easily gain new friendships and reach your goals with ease. Whenever you decide to carry out a new idea, it's like child's play for you. Sometimes you even get bored when you achieve your goals so easily.

You have a sense of humor, making you the center of attention in every group. You are loyal and tend to make huge sacrifices. You are generous in love, but if you do not get it back, you can become aggressive.

Your bad trait is that you can easily turn into a dictator, if presented with the opportunity to do so. Whenever you become someone's enemy, they must be very careful.

Another down side is that you never admit your mistakes in front of others, even if you know you are wrong. It is hard for you to adapt to accepted standards because you believe you can have your own.