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Numerology: Personal Number 7

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According to numerology, in order to find out your personal number, you must add all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number. This is your personal number.

People with a personal number 7 have a rich fantasy and well-developed intuition that helps them deal with the difficult situations. These are born philosophers, who are interested in contemplation of the spiritual, and not in what they see as pointless social issues.

These people want to find out as much as possible about the secrets and mysteries of our world. They are obsessed by the subject of the paranormal. They enjoy being alone, and when they are part of a noisy congregation, they feel out of place.

These are independent people, trapped in their own shell. They can be silent for hours and feel perfectly happy. Solitude is never unpleasant for them. They prefer a close-knit circle, surrounded only by their most trusted friends.

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Persons with a personal number 7 are proud and highly independent, that's why they have a hard time accepting advice, as well as aid from others.

People with a personal number 7 are magnetic personalities. They have such a strongly developed intuition that they are almost like clairvoyants, and therefore they never miss a detail.

The negative sides to this number are the excessive pessimism, tendency toward depression, apathy, laziness, elusiveness and mercantilism.

Even though they are not interested in the material side of life, people with a personal number 7 are often mercantile and act more kindly toward people from whom they can reap some type of gain.

They are the perfect go-getters since they always achieve superb results of perfect quality, for they always try to show the high level of their abilities.

However, they achieve the best results when working for themselves because they are way too independent and proud and don't feel right when they have a boss.

For them it's extremely difficult to find happiness in love since they behave coldly and very rarely let other people into their world. One of the important things in their lives, according to them, is to pass on the knowledge they have gained to people worthy of it.