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Numerology: Personal Number 5

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number 5

According to numerology, find out your personal number by adding up all of the digits of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number - this is your personal number.

5 provides people with a constant desire for freedom, the need for adrenaline, love of adventures and everything unusual. The actions of people with a personal number of 5 are unpredictable. They are expert strategists and know how to handle obstacles.

Sometimes they are impatient, which in most cases has a negative effect on their contact with the people close to them. Persons with a personal number 5 are impulsive in their thoughts, as well as in their actions.

If your personal number is 5, you very quickly absorb large amounts of information and deal with tasks, which are impossible for others.

For you it's a pleasure to learn new languages and that is why you love to travel. That way you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of foreign cultures, which is extremely important for you.


One of your negative traits is that you tend to scatter; you need to learn to concentrate on a single task at a time, in order to manage to complete all of them.

People with a personal number 5 are irritable and have a hard time restraining their anger. Whenever you meet someone with a personal number 5, you think that this is someone confident in their own abilities.

However, this is not exactly so, since behind the mask of certainty in their own abilities, humbleness and worry often lie hidden.

It seems almost unreal that these courageous and energetic people could possibly be worrisome and humble, but that is exactly what's part of their contradictory nature.

Persons with a personal number 5 have a heightened sense of independence. They cannot stand any kind of limits.

Therefore, their partner must accept them just as they are, otherwise they won't be able to keep them even for a short while. The only way for someone to keep such a person is to give them complete freedom and hope for their loyalty.

Among the negative traits of personal number 5 are volatility, the hardcore sense of jealousy, excessive trustability and sometimes even naiveness.