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Amber TalismansAmber Talismans
10 Jan.
Amber is a talisman for people who are trying to understand more about ancient times - these are historians, archaeologists, anthropologists. Amber prevents people from enemies and evil....
What do Dreams of Gemstones and Semi-Precious Gemstones Portend?What do Dreams of Gemstones and Semi-Precious Gemstones Portend?
25 Jan.
In all other cases, this gemstone is a symbol of success....
Talismans from PitsTalismans from Pits
12 Dec.
Keep this talisman in the home. To protect yourself against health problems, make an almond talisman. Almonds are a potent magical medium....
Talismans for CapricornTalismans for Capricorn
06 Nov.
Ring-talismans must be worn by Capricorns on the middle finger of their hand....
Talismans for WomenTalismans for Women
19 Mar.
Talismans for Women Most often, women choose gemstones for their talismans. According to Chinese tradition, all opaque gemstones are linked to the female beginning, which in China is called Yin....
Wooden Luck TalismansWooden Luck Talismans
18 Dec.
This talisman protects against energy loss....
How Gemstones Affect our DreamsHow Gemstones Affect our Dreams
10 Apr.
Today gemstones continue to be a focal point of interest, not just due to their incredible beauty but also due to the legends they're linked to....
The healing properties of gemstonesThe healing properties of gemstones
24 June
Aquamarine - banishes fears, protects the nervous system, as well as kidneys, thyroid, bronchi and helps you to tolerate heat more. Alexandrite - strengthens blood vessels, pancreas and gallbladder, regulates blood clotting...
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
The lion symbolizes strength, therefore Leo will need a strong subject, an antique would be best for example, antique coin, medal, ring, gemstone. Images of a lion and eagle are also good....
Talismans of the Fire SignsTalismans of the Fire Signs
10 Mar.
Their lucky stones, suitable for talismans, are diamond, garnet, ruby, sapphire, zircon. Gemstones for Leo Leo's primary gemstone is diamond. Leos under the influence of Saturn are born from July 23 - August 3....
Talismans of the Earth signsTalismans of the Earth signs
18 Dec.
Talismans of Virgo The foundation stone that brings good fortune of Virgo is jasper. From 24 August to 2 September Virgos are born under the influence of the Sun....
Talismans to protect from angerTalismans to protect from anger
20 Aug.
Gemstones make talismans, which have different tasks. These talismans can be given in the form of jewelry or wrapped in cloth and always wear them close to your body....
Citrine: the Gemstone of LuckCitrine: the Gemstone of Luck
07 May
It was thought that the gemstone encouraged abundance, which is directly related to the success of a given person....
Gemstone Types and their MeaningGemstone Types and their Meaning
19 Nov.
It can be used as a universal talisman, and helps in chronic diseases. Garnet brings love and sexual energy. It harmonizes relations between couples....
Pineapples and apples make powerful talismansPineapples and apples make powerful talismans
14 Dec.
If you give your spouse a talisman in the shape of a pineapple, her feelings for you will not die out. An apple is also a powerful talisman....

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