Amber Talismans

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Amber Talismans

The largest amber deposits are located on the Baltic coast, and in the Dominican Republic is an amber teardrop that looks like tears.

Amber was one of the ingredients in the elixir of immortality, which was prepared for Pope Boniface VIII. For best are considered stones that are wax colored, transparent and red with a yellowish tint.

In ancient times there was a legend that if you put a piece of amber on the breasts of a woman while sleeping, it will recognize a dream for all of infidelity.

In the late nineteenth century amber was used for a cigarette because of its antibacterial properties. If you wear around your neck, amber will fill you with energy pulses and will clear your body of toxins.

If you wear a tiara of amber, you will forget about the headache, and your mental state will always be beautiful. It is believed that the necklace of amber helps thyroid diseases, and diseases of ear, nose and throat.

There are also stones that are black. Some jewels are highly valued pieces of amber, in which there are air bubbles or water. Amber is a petrified resin of ancient trees that are growing on our planet over a hundred million years.

Mined for centuries amber powder was used to treat diseases of all kinds. With crushed amber, rub your teeth to get shine and be healthy.

It is believed that in pieces of amber live Spirits. To a child, for joviality while you nurse, the mother had to wear amber necklace. To have sound sleep, you can put some under your pillow.

Amber is the stone of those born under the sign of Leo. Women of this sign should wear jewelry with amber and men - cufflinks and tie-pins with amber.

Amber is a talisman for people who are trying to understand more about ancient times - these are historians, archaeologists, anthropologists. Amber prevents people from enemies and evil.