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Weird dreamWeird dream
03 Dec.
I dreamed that I was in my house but It looked diffrent and in my dream a spirit of a man told me my house used to be a fueral parlor years ago the spirit was familiar it scared me I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for agers and I've thought about the dream all day....
Depressing DreamDepressing Dream
11 Apr.
First, i'll tell you that i live with my aunt, for about two years now. Last night i had a dream that she was taking me back to my mom and dad's house, but i didn't want to go back and for some reason my mom wasn't...
Sleeping DreamSleeping Dream
02 Jan.
I had a dream where I at my place, it was night time, some one toll me that I was suppose to go some where, but some one else toll me that I was sleeping and that I had to weak my self I walk to my bedroom, open...
Crazy DreamCrazy Dream
11 Dec.
In this dream it started at a high school wrestling tournament in the wrestling room of our school but this room was 50 times bigger. when i was there i met a girl didn't know who but she seemed familiar and she told me...
Dream CatalystsDream Catalysts
28 May
There are many ways to make your dreams brighter and more significant. Such dreams carry more information in them and are easier to remember. To do this, so-called dream catalysts are used. A dream catalyst is also...
Horrible dreamHorrible dream
30 June
I am hoping someone can help me understand this dream I had, it is horrible and will continue to haunt me until I know what it means. I was sleeping in my mother's house and woke up to a huge amount of thick black...
Weird dreamWeird dream
24 Apr.
I dreamt of a former lover. That he was with someone else and he still wanted me but wanted to keep it a secret. And we never got the chance to do the dirty but kept sending signals to each other while his girlfriend...
Pregnancy DreamPregnancy Dream
26 Aug.
So my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. I hardly ever dream about my mom since she passed away 3 years ago well I had a dream the other night that was extremely realistic and went as...
Scary DreamScary Dream
24 Jan.
Hi, I'm 11 and about a year ago, I had a very scary and horrible dream that scared me so much, I couldn't sleep right for a few weeks. Ok, so here's what happened in the dream; I was by the ocean with some people I...
Hindu dream meaning interpretationsHindu dream meaning interpretations
24 June
Dreams have always been a mystery to people. Why do we dream and what do our dreams mean, these are questions that people ask themselves since the ancient times. Today science has advanced enough to be able to explain...
Dream of ex boyfriendDream of ex boyfriend
14 Jan.
I dreamt of going out together with my ex boyfriend in a group set-up. I remember he's with me to help me do something. He was wearing all black ensemble. We kissed but while kissing I realized that my ex boyfriend's...
Odd dream about deathOdd dream about death
25 Dec.
I had a long dream last night but there was one part that really stuck out. It started at a picnic table, there where about 6 of us sitting and eating and beside be was a guy i knew but passed away. I felt really...
Dream of muslim ladyDream of muslim lady
03 Oct.
I dreamt that : seeing a muslim lady, she urges me to win so that i buy book from book store, she called me, but i pretend to be sleep, she announces hat i had won third place, after that that's me, so that she came...
Dream of dancing classDream of dancing class
07 June
I Dreamt That.... me, my friends and our mums and sisters were at a shopping centre when we realised dancing was going to start so we raced to the dancing hall and found it being used by the church so me went my place...
Dream about inventionDream about invention
25 Apr.
My husband invented something, Everyone was telling me he was going to make alot of money. When I would ask them or my husband what it was no one would tell me, they would smile and walk away. As I got more frustrated I...

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