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Women suffer more often from insomnia - reasonsWomen suffer more often from insomnia - reasons
25 Feb.
Recent studies have shown that the risk of insomnia among women is higher than it is for men. - In 37 percent of cases the reasons are attributed to stress. - In 38 percent of case it\'s due to undue concern....
Men have erotic dreams more often than womenMen have erotic dreams more often than women
07 Feb.
Men dream more often of erotic dreams than women, but why do they attach greater importance to them?...
Sharks Discriminate Against Women - They Kill Men More Often!Sharks Discriminate Against Women - They Kill Men More Often!
12 Sept.
According to the latest data, sharks prefer to kill men instead of women. It turns out that the sea predators kill 9 times more men than women, report British media....
Why Women are More Depressed and Sad During a Full MoonWhy Women are More Depressed and Sad During a Full Moon
25 Jan.
It is not fully clear why it happens to women but during a full moon the majority of women feel tense, sad for no reason and can even fall into a depression....
Bloodthirsty Demon Possesses Actress During an InterviewBloodthirsty Demon Possesses Actress During an Interview
13 July
According to some exorcists, evil demons usually pick beautiful women and young girls for their victims. This is because they have a specific nature and energy....
Exorcists Are Being Sued in FranceExorcists Are Being Sued in France
11 Oct.
They are accused of performing an exorcism on a girl from Cameroon, that had been possessed by the Devil....
Women dream more nightmares than menWomen dream more nightmares than men
25 Mar.
Another study concluded that women dream more often of family members, they have more negative emotions and less aggression than in the dreams of men....
Nerds are More Intelligent Than OthersNerds are More Intelligent Than Others
21 Jan.
Whenever a person is overly timid, they are often made fun of by others....
2 More Planets are Hidden Beyond Pluto2 More Planets are Hidden Beyond Pluto
23 June
Spanish astronomers proclaimed that it is very possible for 2 more planets to be hiding past Pluto, with both having unusually large dimensions and affecting the other heavenly bodies around them. According to the...
Optimism and confidence are determined by genesOptimism and confidence are determined by genes
15 Dec.
Self-confidence, own security forces, opportunities, and satisfaction in life depend on genes to be held, according to a study of Italian and American psychologists. Optimism or pessimism, or in other words, if we see the...
Night Owls are More Creative Than Early BirdsNight Owls are More Creative Than Early Birds
21 June
Often, their great successes are owed to the ideas they come up with at night. These types of people are spontaneous and love to improvise....
Talismans for WomenTalismans for Women
19 Mar.
Talismans for Women Most often, women choose gemstones for their talismans. According to Chinese tradition, all opaque gemstones are linked to the female beginning, which in China is called Yin....
Those Who Dream of Murder are More Likely to Commit itThose Who Dream of Murder are More Likely to Commit it
04 Dec.
The end results revealed that men had aggressive dreams much more frequently than women....
Dreams About Pregnant WomenDreams About Pregnant Women
10 Jan.
If you dream of a very beautiful pregnant woman, this portends serious financial success, but you will have to work hard for it....
More and More People Feed Only on SunshineMore and More People Feed Only on Sunshine
30 Sept.
One of the first people to feed only on the rays of the sun, is the 64-year-old engineer from India Hira Ratan Manek. A few years ago, the world's press called great attention to the man who lives without eating. The...
Why Does Sleep Paralysis Make you See Demons?Why Does Sleep Paralysis Make you See Demons?
11 Feb.
Sleep paralysis happens most often during nightmares, leading many to become fully convinced that they've seen a ghost, demon or extraterrestrial after they've awoken....
Skull disproved the theory of African ancestorsSkull disproved the theory of African ancestors
19 May
Chinese archaeologists are convinced that the theory of the origin of man, which is based on the African model, is completely wrong....
Demonic doll AnabelaDemonic doll Anabela
22 Feb.
Donna was a young, bright and beautiful lady, a nurse at a local hospital. From her knowledge she received the gift of an antique doll the size of 3-4 year old, which was bought from an antique shop....
More sleep, smarter childrenMore sleep, smarter children
30 Mar.
Girls of this age often have a pleasant, happy dreams, and the boys argue and fight....
Talismans by Star SignTalismans by Star Sign
07 Jan.
A Talisman is an object that brings good luck, but must be chosen with caution. It should be suitable for your type of energy. If it happens that you desire an object without explanation, it is most likely that this is...
Divination by menstrual cycleDivination by menstrual cycle
07 Dec.
There is a belief that the day of the week, date and even the time of day in which the woman started her cycle, can foretell the future. If your monthly cycle started early passionate love awaits in the nearest future....
Dreams by Sigmund FreudDreams by Sigmund Freud
07 Oct.
Extremely important and interesting are Freud's interpretations of dreams, especially the relationship between sleep and dreams. In most cases, it is seen that dreams are those that interfere with sleep, which does not allow...
The Most Evil Women in HistoryThe Most Evil Women in History
27 Jan.
Historians tend to focus only on the evil men that had once lived but the fact is that history is riddled with no small number of evil women, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents....
Men and Women Have Different NightmaresMen and Women Have Different Nightmares
14 Apr.
People often dreamed that they were paralyzed or being chased. It is there that the difference was observed - men dream of violent scenes and being fired from work more often....
The Zodiac Signs That Cheat Most OftenThe Zodiac Signs That Cheat Most Often
16 Mar.
The results showed that among men, the representatives of the sign of Pisces were most likely to cheat, while for women it was representatives of Gemini....