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Demonic doll Anabela

Demonic doll Anabela

Perhaps you have read or heard stories of lively puppets. One of them took place at the end of the70's of the 20th century in the U.S. state of Connecticut.

Donna was a young, bright and beautiful lady, a nurse at a local hospital. From her knowledge she received the gift of an antique doll the size of 3-4 year old, which was bought from an antique shop.

Donna lived with her girlfriend. Not long after, both women noticed that the doll behaves oddly. On returning to the house they noticed that doll, which is left on the bed was always found in a different position to the one of which they left it.

Donna had known a clairvoyant. "The spirit of a deceased girl named Anabela wants to dwell in the puppet. The house in which you live, is where the child has spent her happiest days, " she said.

Anabela the doll, increasingly begun to give signs of life. She started to move around the room. The neighborhood priest advised Donna and her friends to turn to some family and researchers of paranormal phenomena.

Their version of the puppet Anabela had nothing to do with that of the clairvoyant. According to Ed Warren and Loreen, the doll is a demonic creature, whose purpose was to destroy the life of the nurse and her girlfriend

Warren took the puppet with him to study it. Several days later they went to visit Jason Bredfard a Catholic priest. He showed a hostile attitude towards Anabela. "You're just a doll. You can not hurt anyone", he said to it.

Several hours after leaving home to go to see Warren, the priest was in sock as he told them that the brakes on his car had failed leading him to crash. The car was crushed, but he miraculously survived.

That ultimately led Warren and the family to be sure that the doll was marked with a demonic force. They created a museum of occultism, which the doll to this day stands in a glass enclosed display case. An inscription warns that touching it can be deadly.