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Bloodthirsty Demon Possesses Actress During an Interview

Possessed actress

Viewers were in for a shock during a TV interview in Thailand. An evil demon possessed a Thai actress while she was being interviewed by the host. The footage that captured this horrifying moment became a true internet sensation and went viral around the world in no time.

During a TV show, Thippawan Pui Chaphupuang shared on air that she had been visited by the ghost of a cannibal numerous times.

While relating her terrifying experiences, the young woman suddenly fell into something like a trance and began to writhe in front of everyone, then saying that evil demon was with her once again.

When the host heard this he asked the ghost why it wouldn't leave her alone, with Thippawan replying in a monstrous voice, "I was sent here by someone."

After the brief conversation with the host, the spirit did not let up. It demanded pig's blood and threatened that it would eat the organs of its victim because she was beautiful. The malicious being finally released the young woman after the host placed a special amulet around her neck.

According to some exorcists, evil demons usually pick beautiful women and young girls for their victims.

This is because they have a specific nature and energy. To protect themselves from dangerous spirits, ladies need to dress more modestly and not act provocatively, believes exorcism expert Malam Lutvi Jamal-Baba.