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Skull disproved the theory of African ancestors

Skull disproved the theory of African ancestors

Chinese archaeologists are convinced that the theory of the origin of man, which is based on the African model, is completely wrong.

According to some recent discoveries, modern human population comes from common African ancestors from them have developed all races and peoples.

According to Chinese archaeologists, however, this is not so. They found the fossil skull that was lying in the ground for at least 100 thousand years. The skull was discovered in China's Henan Province.

It is perfectly preserved and consists of sixteen separate fragments. Scientists are amazed that it is possible that the skull of a person can be maintained for such a long time, fully preserved and petrified membrane.

This will allow scientists to trace the structure of the nerves of our ancient ancestor. Most Chinese scholars believe that the theory of the origin of man is multi. For example, modern humans are a descendant of population from different regions of the Earth.

Preliminary studies of the skull conducted by researchers at Peking University have dated the skull as a man who died before no less than one hundred thousand years and have yet to clarify the exact chronology.

Besides the skull in Henan Province, archaeologists found more than thirty thousand fossils and remains of animals. Their analysis will shed new light on the species of one hundred thousand years ago.