Your Body's Supernatural AbilitiesYour Body's Supernatural Abilities
24 Oct.
These abilities are not evident on a conscious level but on a subconscious one, and as such need to be interpreted....
Abilities after clinical deathAbilities after clinical death
11 Nov.
Sometimes after clinical death people get weird gifts. There are cases in which intuition is highly developed after experiencing clinical death. One begins to anticipate a variety of events. There are people who have become...
Pets have supernatural abilitiesPets have supernatural abilities
10 Oct.
Yutes Pliaymes has registered more than 800 cases in which animals warned of danger. So we can rightly say that domesticated animals have supernatural abilities....
Strange Crossbred AnimalsStrange Crossbred Animals
23 Oct.
The animal is called a pizzly....
Can Animals predict?Can Animals predict?
10 Oct.
If a butterfly comes into your home, it predicts that guests are coming soon, says an ancient Slavic tradition. If it is bright in color, you will soon receive good news concerning your privacy. But if the butterfly is...
The Mayans had psychic abilitiesThe Mayans had psychic abilities
18 Mar.
It takes the form of an animal (from Jaguar to mouse), which can be contacted through dreams. He said some buildings in the cities of the Maya may have been sleepers, where these gods sought Spirits....
What abilities do our fingers revealWhat abilities do our fingers reveal
27 Mar.
For some of the capabilities of man, one can be judged by the length of his fingers. To predict the future of everyone, a palmist is needed. It suffices to look at your hands. The difference in the length of the index...
Unbelievable Technologies Inspired by AnimalsUnbelievable Technologies Inspired by Animals
25 Jan.
In the past, our prehistoric hunter ancestors mimicked the way animal predators strategized and stalked their prey. They looked at what herbivorous animals ate to see what was safe to eat and what wasn't....
The Function of Animals' TailsThe Function of Animals' Tails
08 June
In addition, when the animal chews on wood, it sits on its rear paws and uses its tail for support. It also serves as an alarm for other beavers....
Quick Test: Do you Possess Clairvoyant Abilities?Quick Test: Do you Possess Clairvoyant Abilities?
01 Feb.
This way you are boosting your abilities. You need to make several trials of 100 throws in order to make a proper assessment of your clairvoyant abilities....
Curious and Remarkable Facts about AnimalsCurious and Remarkable Facts about Animals
26 June
Little chicks and brotherhood It would be a mistake to think that the evolutionary process occurs only in egotistical animals that care only for their own survival....
The Animals That Possess Real SuperpowersThe Animals That Possess Real Superpowers
17 Apr.
These include abilities which we humans would label as superpowers if we ourselves possessed them. These abilities do indeed exist in the animal kingdom and many of them we regard as completely natural....
The Most Curious Facts about AnimalsThe Most Curious Facts about Animals
20 June
Most people may not even suspect it but a large number of the mammals, birds, reptiles and other animals that surround us possess remarkable abilities....
Superstitions about babies, animals and loveSuperstitions about babies, animals and love
10 Jan.
There are many folk beliefs and superstitions related to babies, love, money and animals....
Astonishing: The Three Zodiac Signs with Supernatural AbilitiesAstonishing: The Three Zodiac Signs with Supernatural Abilities
15 Dec.
Three of the signs are lucky enough to possess supernatural abilities, although these aren't always beneficial to them. Being different from everyone else is both a gift and a curse....

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