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Your Body's Supernatural Abilities

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It may sound strange but your body really does possess supernatural abilities, allowing it to predict its own future to some extent. These abilities are not evident on a conscious level but on a subconscious one, and as such need to be interpreted.

Your body makes weather predictions

If your joints squeak, ache or are stiff, this means that the weather is most likely going to turn sour in the coming days. This link between body and the weather conditions outside is due to a drop in atmospheric pressure, which also causes a drop in liquids in the body. Because of this we begin to feel pain in our joints.


Your body predicts the future

The future really can be predicted, although not consciously, but rather by looking to your spontaneous emotions, better known as intuition. This theory was proven some time ago by a study in which a series of photographs were shown to volunteers. Some of these photos were neutral, others very personal, aiming to bring about an emotional reaction. The study proved that seconds before the personal photos were shown, the heart rate of the participants sped up.

Your body shows when you're in love

All it takes is for you to look into the eyes of the person you're in love with and they can immediately find out about your feelings because your pupils will dilate. This reaction is induced by the nervous system and is spontaneous. Every time we look at something we like, our eyes give us away.

Your body has a physical superpower

You may have heard stories of how a mother can become unnaturally strong whenever her child is in some kind of danger, capable of lifting even an entire car with her bare hands. This is because whenever it is in a stressful situation, the body releases high amounts of adrenaline. This hormone speeds up heart rate and breathing, while the digestive system stops working. The muscles become a lot stronger and we gain superhuman strength.

Your ears can see


If you were to lose 1 of your 5 senses, another would sharpen. Such a link has been found between vision and hearing - blind people have a much sharper sense of hearing than those who can see. This enables them to lead a relatively normal way of life. The most famous case is that of Daniel Kish, who, despite his blindness is a professional mountain biker.

You can see in slow motion

The "bullet time" effect or seeing in slow motion allows you to visualize an action down to the smallest detail because everything around you seems to happen incredibly slowly. This is a brain reaction that occurs during times of high stress. During such instances, a person begins to think a lot faster, while everything around them occurs slowly from their point of view.