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Pets have supernatural abilities

Pets have supernatural abilities

Science is not always able to explain the behavior of an animal in which cases occur supernatural abilities.

We will tell you about a few of them ...

In the year of 1958, Donald Moore of Nebraska, bought a new home in Louisiana. During the relocation he lost his American cat Murlika.

Pets have supernatural abilities

After three weeks of writing, surprisingly Murlika appeared in Moore's new house, the cat had traveled 700 kilometers. A year later the family moved to South Africa taking them 1000 kilometers from their former home. In his former garden lived a turtle. Can you imagine how surprised the family was when three years after the turtle arrived in their new home? !

One of the most extraordinary stories happened to a dog having the eminent English surname of Brown. His owner left England in the year of 1914 going to France where they fought. However, some time after this his puppy Prince Brown suddenly disappeared. During the puppies trip he crossed the Channel and found his master in the battle trenches.

These animals have parapsychology, Dr. JB Rice called the animals "psi-travelers". Almost all his life, during the course of 50 years, he and his team have conducted about 500 experiences in North Carolina for the perception of Animals, they divided into two groups, "psi" and "collectively psi". The second are those who warn to its owner of approaching unfortunate or natural disaster.

Some dogs predict the death of their owners. For example, former employees of the White House will recall that shortly before Abraham Lincoln was to be killed in the year of 1865, his dog began to howl eerily.

Often animals predict volcanic eruptions and fires. The inhabitants of the zoo in Skopje, became violent in their cells several hours before the earthquake in the year 1963.

Germany psychiatrist Dr. Yutes Pliaymes has registered more than 800 cases in which animals warned of danger.

So we can rightly say that domesticated animals have supernatural abilities.