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The Mayans had psychic abilities

The Mayans had psychic abilities

Compared with the standards of today, Maya seem primitive - the ancient people had no running water, and bubbling streams, and were not high-tech societies, but in many other respects have been richly endowed.

Recent studies show that the Maya possessed psychic capabilities whose existence they did not even suspect.

Michael D. Coe - Mayan researcher, has a belief that the Mayan king had his second "Self" called Wye. It takes the form of an animal (from Jaguar to mouse), which can be contacted through dreams. He said some buildings in the cities of the Maya may have been sleepers, where these gods sought Spirits.

The Mayans had psychic abilities

Mayans used their dreams to foretell the future and interpret the present.

Lost in the jungles of Central America are the ruins left by the most enigmatic people - the Mayas. Who were they? Where did they come from? Have they left a message for us and what is it? These are just some of the issues that occupy the researchers, scientists and writers over the past 200 years after the discovery, in 1773 of the remains of their most famous city of Palenque.

This amazing city, one of the wonders of the New World, whose excavations have not yet been completed, is under constant threat of being swallowed by the jungle, warn scientists and researchers, among them Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Coteries, who dedicated his life to the mysterious Maya.

Pyramids, temples and palaces built with the brilliant white limestone with precision that would be an honor for every Renaissance architect. Only recently, however, historians and archaeologists began to really appreciate the priceless treasures bequeathed to us by the Mayans.

What we do know is that Mayan astronomers were convinced that they live in the fifth solar era and before the creation of modern man there had been four previous races and four previous eras destroyed in major cataclysms. The few survivors, kept the tradition for them.

According to the chronology of the Maya, this era began on August 12, 3114BC and will end on December 22, 2012 then the Earth as we know it will again be destroyed by catastrophic events.

Many books were issued to Maya, but still nobody has managed to explain their amazing calendar or what is due, on those dates.