The power and effects of AmuletsThe power and effects of Amulets
10 Sept.
They are; Gems, Herbs, sulfur powder, pins, needles, rabbit feet, magnet, scarab beetle, shoes, cut nails, photography, hair, dice or counterfeit coins....
The Zodiac Signs with the Strongest IntuitionThe Zodiac Signs with the Strongest Intuition
31 Oct.
They have no qualms about telling you the truth to your face if you underestimate their intuition....
The Power of the Placebo EffectThe Power of the Placebo Effect
21 Mar.
The power of the placebo effect remains an unsolved phenomenon. But even so it finds ever wider application in medicine....
The power of numbersThe power of numbers
26 Mar.
The number three is a symbol of a sharp intellect and intuition, easy learning. Holders of three may have super powers like clairvoyance and magic. These people are active and purposeful....
Power of the Air SignsPower of the Air Signs
31 May
Every zodiac sign has its strengths and weaknesses. The air signs stand out with their persistence and desire to achieve their goal by any means necessary. This helps them a lot in life and they often achieve everything...
Power of the Water SignsPower of the Water Signs
29 Feb.
They cherish water and seek any and all sorts of contact with it - it is the source of their power. The water signs are ruled over by a very powerful element and their strength is comparable to it....
The Devastating Power of EarthquakesThe Devastating Power of Earthquakes
26 June
Earthquakes are perhaps the most dangerous of all natural disasters. Besides the phenomenon itself, they induce other disasters, such as tsunamis. Here are some other facts about earthquakes. Earthquakes are a result...
The Healing Power of MandrakeThe Healing Power of Mandrake
01 Oct.
It is an extremely powerful aphrodisiac; information exists that using mandrake can grant great sexual power - to transform an uninterested person into a passionate lover....
The Magical Powers of the Lotus FlowerThe Magical Powers of the Lotus Flower
21 Sept.
The lotus is a beautiful flower and is an often seen symbol in eastern teachings. It is said that the plant has a divine origin and represents the seeding of human life. The ancient civilizations of Egypt, India...
The Proper Way to Use the Power of GemstonesThe Proper Way to Use the Power of Gemstones
09 Mar.
If you find yourself facing a dead end you can put your faith in the power of the amethyst. Place a small piece of amethyst in the area of the 3rd eye, located between your eyebrows....
The cat and the darknessThe cat and the darkness
10 Oct.
In fact, according to the Chinese legends the cats were chosen by the gods to rule the world and even gave them the power of speech, but as cats just wanted to be lazy and not run anything, the powers were given to people...
Evil Eyes - The power of visionEvil Eyes - The power of vision
31 Mar.
For thousands of years, since ancient times, it was known that some people get sick because of the virtue of one’s evil eyes . This phenomenon has been described by many authors. Many people consider a symbol of death...
Amulets - Power and EffectAmulets - Power and Effect
30 Apr.
This greatly increases their power for love, lust, revenge or whatever the spell was for....
The years of the dragon and snakeThe years of the dragon and snake
17 Sept.
According to the Chinese Horoscope, the Year of the Dragon - 2012 – holds a potential threat to all people on the planet. It is believed that this is the year of change, but not for the best. This is, however, the time of...
Cyrus the Great and the Persian EmpireCyrus the Great and the Persian Empire
13 Sept.
Historians believe that in Persia, human life existed from around 6000 BC and that many communities inhabited the Eastern mountain region of Zagros. There is historical evidence to show that people lived during the prehistoric...

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