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Scenarios and predictions about the end of the world

Scenarios and predictions about the end of the world

How long will we live? How long will the Earth rotate? When will the Apocalypse occur? When will the Lord descend to earth to judge the sinners and to take with him the righteous?

These issues of time are concerns to scientists, researchers, clairvoyants and along with them all people living on our planet.

Let's see which are the conjugate scenarios for the end of the world.


The first successful development is the "Manhattan" made by the United States during the war years. The first 3 bombs were blown up in the year of 1945 of the final phase of the project "Manhattan".

- July 16th, Alamogordo, New Mexico, had made the world's first nuclear test, called Trinity. Plutonium bomb was exploded with power of 20 kt.

- August 6th, over Hiroshima, Japan, the bomb '' kiddy'' exploded.

- August 9th, over Nagasaki, Japan, the bomb that exploded was "Fat Man".

Before the project "Manhattan" was to be put into action, the nuclear physicists predicted the end of the world: the bombs would explode in the atmosphere.

ERROR desktop in 2000

On the night of December 31st in the year of 1999 against January 1st year 2000, the modern world waited for Computer Armageddon. It was estimated that all the computers on earth would not continue counting in 2000, but would return to the year1900 and data for all mankind would simply disappear.

After the computer crash was fake, hysteria was calculated that governments and corporations around the world had spent about 500 billion dollars in an effort to protect themselves from the prediction of technology in the year 2000 AD


Another scenario predicts the end of the world is because of a pandemic. That is the man will disappear from the face of the planet, stricken by an incurable virus. Pandemic is an epidemic in an especially large size, which crosses the boundaries of one country and affects a huge amount of people or animals.

On 30th April the year of 2009, the World Health Organization announced the fifth degree of pandemic spread was swine flu.

Asteroid Collision

Scenarios and predictions about the end of the world

This is also one of the most common assumptions about the end of humanity, and also a big hit on our cinema screens.

Asteroids have been updated in the last few days. An unexpected collision with an asteroid and Jupiter took place 2 weeks ago. Astronomers concluded that with the Earth this can happen the same. Our planet is also surrounded by potentially dangerous asteroids.

The U.S. evolving program, Spaceguard, holds the purpose to prevent such a collision. Its task is to determine 90 percent of the alarming potential celestial bodies, whose diameters are more than 1 km and above. It turned out that there were about 1000 so far. Fortunately, none of which seriously threaten the Earth.


In recent years, scientists from different countries of the world continue to warn of global warming and its consequences on humanity.

Increasing temperatures could lead to a bunch of problems such as, recession of glaciers, raising sea level and changes in the quantitative and geographic distribution of rainfall.

Under this scenario, if you lose the land on which you live, famine, epidemics and wars will occur, however, other resources will be inevitable.

Alien Invasion

Scientists believe that in the universe there still exists an unspecified number of extraterrestrial civilizations. It is assumed that each of them may decide in the future to seize our planet or to undergo cruel experiments on humans.


Destroyed by wars in practice is the most recent of scenarios. Almost there has been no time when this planet may not be experiencing raging riots, skirmishes and conflicts.


Under this scenario the end of the world is far removed in time. In 4 to5 billion years the sun will exhaust its core hydrogen. Then it begins to convert helium into carbon and the core temperature will increase.

Surely the people of earth will be baked as a sausage? . The death of the Earth will be inevitable.

Mutiny of Machinery

With the pace of which technological progresses it is assumed that in the future robots will be smart enough to destroy peace and destroy the planet.

Predictions of the end of the world exist for virtually every year:

1000 - Waiting for the Apocalypse, which is due to end the world a thousand years since the birth of Christ.

1033 - 1000 years of the crucifixion of Jesus.

1666 - Because of the existence of the Devil, 666.

2009 - Prediction by Nostradamus.

2010 – A war will break out over oil.

2011 - The end may occur due to a collision with the asteroid , 2005 Yu55.

2014 - Solar system to reach a giant cloud of cosmic dust, which would destroy everything in its path: comets, asteroids, planets and stars.

2016 - According to researcher James Hansen, this year glaciers will melt and water will flood the planet.

2018 - Nuclear war, predicted by Nostradamus.

2019 - A new collision with an asteroid. This time, 2002 Nt7.

2020 - Year predicted by Isaac Newton.

Now the most recent year for end of world is 2012, encoded in the calendar of the Mayan civilization.

With such ominous prophecies we still only pray that the Lord is our planet ...



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hailey reid
hailey reid
25.10.2012 04:57
i think that the world will end billons of years from now from the sun. untill then the world will find a way to stay alive. this is my opinion on this subject. i also do not think the world will end this year just because of a calendar. i sure hope the world keeps on going for a little while. :)