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Cataclysms and catastrophes in the year of the Tiger

Year of the Tiger

Most likely you still have festive moods and do not want to read about pessimistic forecasts and futurities, but fact is fact. Eastern nations do not like years of the Tiger as they are the sign of disasters and catastrophes.

As a start we look at the past, we see that many of the major world crises begin in only the Year of the Tiger. We are talking about the war in Korea, the strike in England and the Cuban crisis...


So it's not going to be a surprise if 2010 is to witness the sequence of human or natural disasters, diseases or other disasters. Moreover, we live in an era of terrorist attacks.

The year should at least until 14th February remain calm this is because the Year of the Tiger is to begin then. The year according to the Chinese zodiac horoscopes will end on February 2nd, 2011.

Children who will be born in the year of the Tiger will be brave and independent people. And could not be otherwise, since the tiger is one of the wildest animals.

Oppressed people of the tiger are friendly toward others, but such a thing as tolerance is not inherent in them. These people are characterized by the fact that they are large and easy to the eye, however the continuously strive to be the center of attention. They also risk love and love to live on the edge.

Tigers are born leaders, but also easily bored and often change jobs.

Representatives of Tigers are known as skillful and gallant seducers. When they identify an object, they do not give up against anything in the world and eventually things will inevitably lead to the bedroom.