The Lost City of AtlantisThe Lost City of Atlantis
27 Feb.
Frost, he was a history professor that argued the location of the Lost City. His theory came close to that of Plato. Frost located the lost City on the Island of Crete....
The Lost Civilization of RamaThe Lost Civilization of Rama
26 Feb.
Everyone's heard of the lost civilization of Atlantis. But there are other lost civilizations which we know little or nearly nothing about but which are no less interesting and intriguing....
Machu Picchu and the lost city of the IncasMachu Picchu and the lost city of the Incas
03 Jan.
, which headed to the jungle in the direction of the valley Urubamba in search of lost cities....
Lost Chinese pyramidsLost Chinese pyramids
05 Dec.
Another story tells of Colonel Morris Shian, director for the Far East of the Trans World Airline, who also claimed to have seen the white pyramid which he describes, makes the pyramids in Egypt look like dwarfs, namely one...
Legendary Lost TreasuresLegendary Lost Treasures
02 June
Finding a long-lost legendary treasure is one of them....
A Human Colony on the Moon in 30 YearsA Human Colony on the Moon in 30 Years
06 Jan.
Chris Hadfield predicts that after 30, at most 40 years, man will have a colony on the Moon....
The symbolism and significance of the color blueThe symbolism and significance of the color blue
22 Sept.
In the Christian religion, blue color symbolizes kindness, honesty and virtue. Nowadays, blue color also has its symbols, which are different from the past....
The Love Symbolism of Colors in DreamsThe Love Symbolism of Colors in Dreams
22 Nov.
Blue This color is linked to the absence of love in our life. According to some interpretations, if we witness this color in our dream it may mean that our desire to be with someone is obstructed in some way....
The Colors Around us Pinpoint our ProblemsThe Colors Around us Pinpoint our Problems
18 Aug.
In color psychology it is said that besides having a certain symbolism which can be interpreted, colors can also signalize about the problems we ignore....
Lost Crusader tunnels discovered in MaltaLost Crusader tunnels discovered in Malta
31 Oct.
For centuries the rumors are that the Knights of Malta participated in crusades and built an underground city on the Mediterranean island of Malta. It stirs up thoughts of secret roads and military labyrinths. Now it...
Magic Rituals for Finding Lost PropertyMagic Rituals for Finding Lost Property
15 June
Throughout our daily routine we're constantly utilizing various objects and often misplace them. It's common to have your keys in your hand one moment and in the next have absolutely no idea where they went. Or to think you...
What the Colors of the Clothes you Wear Reveal About youWhat the Colors of the Clothes you Wear Reveal About you
27 Mar.
The colors of the clothes they wear can reveal much about their character. Simply note the colors of their clothing and you'll learn much about them, without exchanging a single word....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color GreySymbolism and Meaning of the Color Grey
25 Jan.
It is a neutral color, with this quality helping it be in perfect harmony with all of the other colors. Grey has an industrial aspect. It is the most popular element used in the color gamma of offices....
Symbolism and meaning of the color redSymbolism and meaning of the color red
07 Oct.
In ancient Egypt, the color red was a symbol of violence and cruelty, and in ancient China - the color was a symbol of life, a sacred color....
Symbolism and Meaning of the Color BrownSymbolism and Meaning of the Color Brown
07 May
Every color has its own specific meaning and influence. This is why people react differently to the different colors. The color brown is often seen as boring and bourgeoisie....

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