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What the Colors of the Clothes you Wear Reveal About you

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If you'd like to learn something new about yourself or the new people you've met, simply look at the way they dress. The colors of the clothes they wear can reveal much about their character. Simply note the colors of their clothing and you'll learn much about them, without exchanging a single word.

As for you, just open your closet and see what colors dominate in it. Your favorite colors reveal your priorities and even sides of your nature you never suspected you possessed.

Below you'll learn the significance of each of the most common colors in terms of clothing.


1. Red

Red symbolizes passion and those who sport it are quite extreme. They are exceptionally energetic and try hard to get noticed. They love standing out in a crowd and when others talk about them, plus they have high self-esteem. Red is worn by vibrant individuals who don't mind making heads turn.

2. Yellow

Yellow symbolizes good mood and laughter. Those who often wear yellow rarely succumb to negative emotions and try to regularly smile big. They're very social, try to have a large circle of acquaintances and easily create new contacts. Yellow is also a color worn by creative individuals who are always striving for new experiences.

3. White

White symbolizes innocence and purity. When a person enters a new stage in their life they tend to be attracted to this color. It's a color worn by those who strive for perfection and who maintain an optimistic attitude toward the future. They are fascinated by spiritual practices and teachings.

4. Pink

The most feminine of the colors symbolizes romance and is worn by women who are striving to receive love. These persons can make anyone feel at ease and find common topics for discussion. They have quite a rosy view of the world, aim for harmony and love small gestures of affection.

5. Orange


Orange symbolizes optimism and those who often wear it are always fun and energetic. They're great optimists and always believe everything will work out, no matter what happens. They're creatively inclined and love to take up several things at once. They aim for changes and variety.

6. Grey

Grey is described as the most formal and even boring color. Those who often wear grey try not to attract attention to themselves and instead blend in with the environment. They feel uncomfortable under the spotlight and prefer to be unnoticed. Grey also symbolizes calmness and maturity and is worn by those those who are able to follow instructions and the rules.

7. Black

Black is a symbol of darkness and secrets. Usually those who wear black are very sensitive but try to hide the fact. They're distrustful of others and carefully pick out their company. Although they radiate levelheadedness, in reality they succumb easily to their emotions. They're more interested in inner beauty than outer.

8. Brown

The color brown symbolizes stability and security. Those who wear brown clothes strive for material comfort and always seek the peaceful way of resolving their problems. They can be highly conservative and prefer to rely on a sure thing instead of risking.

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9. Blue

Blue is linked to the sky and the sea and is worn by those who strive for higher intellect and wisdom. Persons who wear blue are calm, kind and compassionate. They have a rich imagination and their thoughts are almost always up in the clouds.

10. Green

Green is linked to nature and those who dress primarily in green seek tranquility. They strive for peaceful and harmonious relations with those around them and avoid drama. They have an active social life and rarely face financial problems.

11. Purple

In the past, purple was worn only by aristocrats as an expression of luxury and elegance. Individuals who like purple are extremely creative and often work in a creative field. They're big dreamers and strive for authority in society, as well as professional achievements.