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Only 30 people know the secret the 300 year old Eau de Cologne

Only 30 people know the secret the 300 year old Eau de Cologne

We need more, no less than 30 people know the secret recipe of the oldest perfume factory of Cologne in the world, of which 3 centuries before the ingredients are known, the eau de cologne occurred on the entire planet.

In the year of 1709 is the time when it was considered the year of the birth of Eau de Cologne, making this year it's 300th anniversary. Italian, Giovanni Maria Farina first invented the fragrance for men then later wrote a letter to his bother;

"I could invent a scent that reminds me of an Italian morning of narcissus and orange flowers shortly after rain. It refreshes me."

At that time Farina lived in Cologne. And in honor of the Italian city named his invention in the literal translation "water from Cologne (Eau de Cologne)".

From then until today, few people have learned the ingredients of the old fragrance. One of them is the present CEO Johann Maria Farina.

Here's a little secret which he revealed:

"Most importantly, all our little pistols need to have the same flavor as our other products under the name Eau de Cologne. If a crop has a different smell than usual, then catch up with the addition of this mixture of other plants to obtain the typical fragrance of cologne.

For the tercentenary of existence, the oldest perfume company has suffered not one but two crises.

"Thinking only of the French Revolution and the two world wars, these were difficult times", says Farina. Customers reduced, but to provide the necessary raw materials for the Eau de Cologne was more difficult. "Today many people talk about economic crisis, but fortunately it is something we have not yet experienced" Farina continued.