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The Lost City of Atlantis

The Lost City of Atlantis

For many centuries stories of fact and fiction have stolen the attentions of many people, one in particular is that of the Lost City of Atlantis. We want to know if it is infact, a miracle fact or a myth from history! Right back from 335 B.C. debates and theories came to life. It all began from Plato when he published his first book (335 B.C.). Plato uses a unique style of writing, compliling his ideas from other peoples discussions and debates.

In this particular story he uses a man named Kritias. He teaches us throughout the story that his version of events have stayed with his family for several generations. In is teachings he tells us of Poseidon, the founder of the City of Atlantis, he describes to us that the city is modernised before its time being equipped with cold and hot water fountains, canals, irrigation systems that are able to support farms situated outside of the city, and all of this is surrounded by walls. Kritias also describes the City a pleasure of luck to all those who were fortunate to see it.

Aside all of the wonderful modern discriptions of the Lost City, by far the most gracious of all sightings was the temple that was situated right in the heart of the city. It was that of the founder himself, Poseidon, he was a statue of charm riding in the winged powered chariot. It was known to worshippers as 'the god of the sea'.

Going back not as far back into history we learn of another believer, his name was Ignatius Donnelly. Ignatius Donnelly teaches us from the 1800's that he believes the wonderous story the Lost City was not a myth and gives his version of events. These events were knwon to the world after he published his book in 1882; Atlantis the Antediluvian World. He reveals location of the city, placing it in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, and from here civilization spread across the world colonizing land such as Egypt. He also gives reason as to why the Lost City could not be found and that was he believes was because it was destroyed by a natural disaster.

As with every believer there is a sceptic. The problem with Ignatius Donnelly's theory was that from the time his book was published (1882) it would not have allowed enough time for the Lost City to be so covered with so much sediment from the fall of Atlantis, if it was to be located in the middle of the atlantic ocean, there scientifically it was impossible for the lost city to hold such a location.

Since the book was published and debates took place there have been other theories that the Lost City was infact located in placs such as, Bolivia, Switzerland and some have even mentioned New Zealand.

Another convincing logical argument was given to the world from a another debatist, K.T. Frost, he was a history professor that argued the location of the Lost City. His theory came close to that of Plato. Frost located the lost City on the Island of Crete. His theory was it all orginated from the Minoan Empire era, that was also loacted on the Island of Crete.

The Lost City of Atlantis

The Island was also equipped with a navy, allowing the presence of one of the most sophisticated civilizations none to time.

Again, a natural disaster is mentioned this time that of a volcano, teaching us this was how the empire disappeared falling to ruins creating the Lost City of Atlantis.

Of course there are sceptics to this theory too, and then those who support the findings of the debaters, and professors who are willing to share there logics of the Lost City.

This was a culture that revolved around the god of sea, Poseidon. It is expectеd that nothing nice would to come out of this as Poseidon is not the true god to man. God wants us for himself and not something that is not realistic to reality.

Some feel this is unfair to those who truely believe in the theories, but, afteral there is only one creater and that is God not Posiedon. So why is it not just him we should worship? God is the only creater, Poseidon is a wonderful myth ...

Maybe after all these theories science truely one day will show us the reality!