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Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?Why is Intimacy Between 2 People Taboo in Church Canon Law?
15 Jan.
troubling the Christian church for more than 2000 years. For Christians around the world, the Bible is the main source of information about the rules of pious behavior. The Old Testament and the Four Gospels of the...
Meaning and Properties of AlexandriteMeaning and Properties of Alexandrite
26 Mar.
used for meditation. It balances 2 of the chakras by encouraging the flow of energy through them. The wearer will easily find their inner self during introspection through meditation. Besides stimulating feelings of...
Your Monthly Horoscope for MarchYour Monthly Horoscope for March
02 Mar.
The month of March is going to be marked by the retrograde motion of Venus, beginning March 4 in the sign of Aries. With its backward motion, the planet will demand that we smooth out all misunderstandings in our...
Mary Celeste - a Mystery Unsolved for More than a CenturyMary Celeste - a Mystery Unsolved for More than a Century
24 Aug.
a notch, most likely made by an ax, which was not found on board. For nearly 150 years, insurers, historians, travelers, heirs of the missing screw and regular people have been searching for the truth surrounding the...
What is Synesthesia?What is Synesthesia?
07 Aug.
" is red. It is a specific red color. And they will always see it in this color, unwillingly. The word "vagabond" for example will also be primarily red, due to the color of the first letter, but it will appear in their...
Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!
03 Dec.
An elusive bacteria is attacking the planet. The dangerous microorganism has already been found in animals and samples from sick people. In recent years, scientists have discovered that there are bacteria that get...
While we sleep, we scan information fieldsWhile we sleep, we scan information fields
08 Dec.
stranger. After many years of the portrait having fallen in the hands of many foreigners it turned out that the stranger was, John Nepar, the creator of the logarithms. Mikhail Lermontov lived for two centuries...
Yellow candles help with loveYellow candles help with love
06 Jan.
fire. It will help you win glory and rise faster in the career ladder. You must be careful not to kindle too often. You should never kindle red in your bedroom because you feel tense. The white color of the candle...
Blind people can see with their tongueBlind people can see with their tongue
24 Feb.
This is not a story of a sci-fi movie, but reality. The revolutionary technology that will allow a blind person to have their vision partially restored with the help of the nerve endings of the tongue, was developed by...
Ghost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer MatchGhost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer Match
25 Apr.
bleachers, states р, pointing to the video recording. Anyone who watches the video will be undoubtedly stunned by the running figure, which, despite its great speed, moved along the bleachers without being...
Could We Build Cities on Venus?Could We Build Cities on Venus?
22 Apr.
possibility of developing such on it. Because of these same unfavorable factors, HAVOC won't be reaching the surface of Venus but will remain at an altitude of 31 miles (50 km) from it, where the atmosphere is very dense and...
Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - July 11Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - July 11
11 July
The first day of the new work week will be quite tense due to the complex aspect of Mercury with Uranus. Conflicts, confusion and a sudden change in mood are possible in the relations with your partner. Don't give...
Your May 18 Horoscope! Today`s Advice for a Productive DayYour May 18 Horoscope! Today`s Advice for a Productive Day
18 May
The Moon is in Cancer and will remain there until 12:00 UTC. This is an intense and productive time. The zodiac signs are making decisions quickly, while thoughts are flying by just as hastily. The information...
Sensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on MarsSensational! NASA Finds Life Forms on Mars
08 June
, their origin for the moment unknown. These molecules are located in the basin of what was once a river, 3 billion years ago. This clearly shows that Mars was indeed a habitable planet. After NASA's official...
Famous People who Died of Venereal DiseaseFamous People who Died of Venereal Disease
04 Dec.
medicine defines as neurosyphilis. Even though Nietzsche was asexual in his adult years, in his youth a female cousin had sexually abused him, leading to the belief that this caused him to contract the venereal disease...

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