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Hug a tree for harmony and strength

Hug a tree for harmony and strength

According to ancient beliefs, is very useful to embrace the tree at least once a year. It will load your body with harmony and strength.

Trees draws out negative energy, helps in treating certain diseases, especially the nervous system and helps with calming you.

Trees are indispensable helpers for people who have a nervous way of life and are constantly under stress. It is believed that some trees have a tendency to heal.

Five minutes of tree hugging, and you will feel how you have a feeling of warmth and a sense of bliss.

Do not worry that someone will be laughing at you, hug a tree in a place where nobody can see you, or casually lean on it. However, at least touch it with an open palm.

Trees tend to increase human bio fields. Prior to hugging a tree, rub your hands until they become hot.

Put them a distance of twenty centimeters apart.

Imagine that you have between your palms energy in the form of a ball.

Turn the ball between your hands until it is warm. Soon you will feel it for real and you can put it on your diaphragm, or clap your hands to make power gloves.

If you hug a birch, it will give you peace and joy. It is especially useful for people who suffer from causeless fear and anxiety.

Boron is not among the trees that you can hug because they are covered with resin. But being able to maintain your hands on its trunk, means that it will charge you with energy and optimism.

Oak is a powerful force, it soothes and heals conditions of your nervous system. Poplar has a very strong energy, as does chestnut. You can embrace any and all trees, they will charge you with energy and will calm you as they take your negative emotions.