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Personality Traits of red heads

Personality Traits of red heads

Red hair color attracts attention like no other. Women with red hair always looks sexy and hot and never go unnoticed.

1. Naturally red hair is seen only on about 4% of people. The pigment of red heads is a result of genetic mutation. You can have a child with red hair among people with dark hair color.

2. Most people with fiery hair color are from Scotland - about 14%, Ireland 12% and U.S. redheads are about 2%.

3. People with red hair tend to be seen as very bold. In no case can such a conclusion be made, because there are no facts to confirm it. The claim that redheads are witches came from German folk tales. In the past, it was thought that red hair and freckles speak of witch skills. Thousands of women were burned at the stake for their external appearance.

4. Another fact about people with red hair color is that they are less susceptible to anesthesia, unlike other hair colors.

5. Every adult has about 120, 000 hairs on its head - redheads have the least, however.

6. Ladies with red hair are lucky because their hair turns white slower and does not go gray. Red hair goes yellow and then withers.

7. In the past, Egyptians believed that women with fiery hair color bring misery and burned them alive.

8. In the Takla Makan desert of China mummified skeletons of people with red hair have been found. It is estimated that this happened 3000 years ago.

9. In Corsica, if you walk up to someone with red hair, you should spit.

10. According to tradition in Scotland and England, the first person who came to visit after the New Year brings good luck. In this interesting tradition, redheads are last in the ranking - it is believed they have the worst luck.