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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - May 20


We're still feeling the effects of retrograde Mercury and retrograde Mars, so it's not advisable to begin new intimate relationships, especially with persons we don't know well. Those of you who have a partner by your side and intend to take the next important step, such as marriage or joint living, should think on the idea a little longer and only then take action.

Aries - Today there's a high probability for your partner's mood (or the person you're captivated by) to affect your own emotions as well. Unfortunately, it will be quite fickle today, so it's possible you feel very happy, as well as unhappy all within one day. Be prepared because nothing will be sure today and try to take everything that's happening with a cool head.

Taurus - Today you'll realize that you've let your partner get extremely close to you and have become too dependent on them. Find a way to change your situation and be a productive person even when they're not around you. Single Taureans need to deal with a problem concerning their love life but have still not found the right solution.


Gemini - Today you'll definitely face a lot of difficulties in communicating with your sweetheart. Expect problems of all sorts to emerge but try to keep your calm because dramatization won't be of any use. Single representatives of the sign are going to have the opportunity to take a breather from their obligations and in very pleasant company while doing so.

Cancer - Try not to pay much attention today to those character traits of your partner that annoy you the most. If you succeed, your communication will be nice and pleasant. Single Cancers are going to stir up a real mess due to their frivolous behavior.

Leo - You're going to be unprepared in your answers to many questions today and this will irritate your partner. Accept that there's no way you can be competent on all subjects and try to get others to see this. Single Leos are going to have to invest effort in order to shine in front of the object of their affection, which will be no easy task.

Virgo - Today your partner will want for you to determine their place in your life. It looks like your behavior over the past few days has confused them and now they need to know how you see their future together. Single Virgos are going to be way too drastic in some of their actions today. There exists a risk of starting a new relationship but one that will not give you the desired satisfaction.

Libra - It's imperative you pay attention to your appearance today and try to change it at least a little bit. Buy new clothes or change your hairstyle. This change will introduce a fresh nuance to the relationships of non-single Libras and make single representative of the sign more confident.


Scorpio - Because of the goals you're pursuing it's as if you've been ignoring your partner lately. Set aside the necessary time for them as well, otherwise your relations will begin to cool. Single representative of the sign are going to have success on the love front if they ignore stereotypes and begin to care less about others' opinions.

Sagittarius - It won't be easy to find common ground with your partner today and the communication between you will be very strained and difficult. Quarrels and arguments are possible. Single Sagittarii are in the process of making an important decision that will affect not only their life but also that of at least 2 other people.

Capricorn - Today you're going to undertake an important step under the influence of your partner. But it's still too early to tell whether this will strengthen your relations in the future or ruin them. Capricorns who are not in a relationship will come to realize many of their mistakes in past relationships and reach valuable conclusions.

Aquarius - What you need is a fun night with pleasant company. You can provide it by inviting your partner to a new hangout or simply taking a walk in an unfamiliar place. Those of you who are not in a relationship can go out with friends. You may meet your next partner with their help.

Pisces - Today you'll have the opportunity to shine in front of your partner thanks to your good technical skills. The person by your side will be infinitely grateful and try to show it to you in a very pleasant way. Single Pisces are going to have to ignore their own preferences in order for the person they have feelings toward to like them.