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African Exorcist: Beautiful Women are Possessed by Demons More Often


Islamic exorcist Malam Lutvi Jamal-Baba has made a terrifying discovery. According to the religious leader, beautiful ladies and girls become the victims of evil demons more often than others.

The exorcist from Ghana explains this phenomenon with their more distinct nature. The only way for the beauties to protect themselves from dangerous demons, the imam says, is for them to stop dressing provocatively and shower less often.

Malam shares horrifying moments from his practice with the Mirror, explaining that evil spirits can be quite insolent and persistent. Oftentimes, when the woman possessed by them is in a trance, they become aggressive and try to lash out at the exorcist.

When this happens, to avoid accidents and to successfully complete the ritual for casting out the demon, the possessed is tied down or chained. Once the victim of the demonic spirit is safely secured, the exorcist from Ghana begins to recite specific passages from the Quran, with which he manages to banish the evil spirit.

Exorcism itself is a mystical ritual for banishing evil spirits from a person's body or a room. It's been practiced for thousands of years and is common not only in Islam but in Christianity, Hinduism and other religions.

The individuals who perform the ritual are clergy or have some type of special powers. To free the victims from the presence of demons, they use prayers, incantations, amulets, hand gestures or other religious methods.