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Here`s What Can Happen to you if you Dream of a CarHere`s What Can Happen to you if you Dream of a Car
30 Apr.
Here's how to interpret the image of a car in your dreams....
Our Suitable Partner Based on Our AscendantOur Suitable Partner Based on Our Ascendant
20 Jan.
According to astrology, the 7th house which our ascendant falls into is in charge of our marriage partnerships. The zodiac sign that your ascendant is in reveals the type of partner you would need for a stable marriage....
Our Favorite Color Reveals Our Hidden FearsOur Favorite Color Reveals Our Hidden Fears
02 Oct.
Pink - You worry whenever you dreams don't come true Pink is a favorite among caring and passionate people. They feel the greatest fear and worry whenever a long-standing dream of theirs comes crashing down....
Our Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable PartnerOur Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable Partner
18 Feb.
It has been established that every color has its energetic emanation and according to groups of experts, this also applies to eye color. The color of men's eyes can guide us when we're looking for true love. It is claimed...
Our Fate is Written on Our FacesOur Fate is Written on Our Faces
12 Dec.
Before physiognomy existed in its current form, the ancient Greeks and Chinese believed that the features of the human face revealed a person's character and their fate. As such, the Chinese believed for example, that...
Minerals That Can KillMinerals That Can Kill
10 Mar.
Individuals who work with stones and minerals believe that each stone has its own energy field and vital energy. Some stones and minerals can be beneficial, while others are harmful to human health and can even kill....
Dreams of FoodDreams of Food
23 Sept.
If you see melted butter or margarine in a dream, this is a warning that it will be difficult for you to transform your dreams into reality because you are simply lacking the perseverance for it....
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person....
Colors in DreamsColors in Dreams
18 June
A brown color in a dream signifies family happiness and calm. If you are dressed in brown in your dream, this portends attaining wealth soon....
Dreams About HairDreams About Hair
25 Apr.
If in your dream, you put a lot of gel in your hair, this reveals your willingness to smooth out relations with a person close to you. If your hair is falling in your dream, this shows that you are depressed....
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies and our inspiration comes from this particular source....
What Does Our Thumb Reveal about Our Character?What Does Our Thumb Reveal about Our Character?
27 Oct.
The thumb is the innermost finger of the hand when the palm faces downward. It is the shortest finger and differs most substantially from the rest. You can learn a lot about a person's character from their thumb....
Are our Political Beliefs Rooted in our Genes?Are our Political Beliefs Rooted in our Genes?
13 Oct.
According to scientists from the UK's Royal Society, a person's political views are fixed in their genes. They explain that the decision of which political party (or lack of) we sympathize with is not determined so much...
Our Voice and Speech Reveal Our Entire CharacterOur Voice and Speech Reveal Our Entire Character
14 Jan.
The timbre, intonation, as well as the most commonly used words which we use to express our thoughts, clearly reveal our character, even when we try to conceal some sides of it. A loud and high-pitched voice when speaking...
Our Karmic Lesson Based on Our Birth DateOur Karmic Lesson Based on Our Birth Date
26 Aug.
Listen to your intuition, especially late at night and you will find the right path to your dreams....