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The Zodiac Signs that Ruin Their Own Lives

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Life is the most precious gift there is. But so many people spend it without finding any meaning or a suitable way of living it. There are 5 zodiac signs that often have no idea what to do with themselves and what they want to achieve.

While others would do anything to reach their coveted goal, these signs give up at the first sign of difficulty. Below you'll find the zodiac signs who ruin their own lives.


You always achieve your goal. Unfortunately, that is not your goal. That which satisfies your every need and earns you enough money usually does not satisfy your spiritual needs. Whenever your friends find realization in whatever makes them happy, this makes you feel horrible.

The fact of the matter is everything is in your hands but you're just used to sitting in one spot - where it's cozy and comfortable. Don't waste any more time - all you need is some finances, courage and entrepreneurship to start up something new and realize yourself.



Your biggest dream is a large family and cozy home. But life doesn't always offer the right person with whom to achieve this. Over time, you begin to experience an unbearable fear of attachment and you lose faith.

Time flies, life goes on, but you remain alone. If you don't feel ready to have kids, then you're likely with the wrong person. Find someone else, take life into your own hands because otherwise you'll waste it and won't achieve your goals and desires.


What annoys you most of all is your own country. Your everyday life is poisoning you and your greatest dream is to head somewhere far away. The bad thing is you don't have the necessary courage and keep putting off this step.

Your fear is preventing you from following your dream, despite the fact that you have the skills and knowledge that would assure you the perfect job abroad. You're wasting your life in your country of birth, even though have the opportunity to realize yourself successfully abroad.


Your life is dynamic but you find it hard to accept how quickly time flies. You never finish anything, not even your education. You don't like your job but you can't find the time to quit and look for another one. You never do anything interesting, you're always running away from new things and new knowledge, wasting your life in a grey and monotonous daily routine.



You're capable of wasting your entire life in a meaningless struggle for a false love. A Capricorn refuses to accept it when a love is no more. They never give up on the idea that they can save their relationship, even if failure is right in their face. It would be wise for them to realize that if a love is true, it cannot disappear.

They realize their mistake once they no longer see even an ounce of happiness in their daily life but sometimes it's too late. Some of them never find the courage necessary to make the right decision that'll make them feel happier. They spend their life tending to others' feelings, while completely ignoring their own.