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Dreams That Predict Misfortune

Antonia R.Antonia R.

It is believed that many of our dreams are prophetic and predict future events. Of some of these visions, it is said that they can accurately warn of misfortunes to come.

We must not forget however, that dreams can be a result of our subconscious impressions throughout the day, such as a conversation or something we've seen, for example.

This doesn't mean that every bad dream is undoubtedly a sign of something bad, but it is wise to know the meaning of what was dreamt, in order to be more cautious.

Dreams that predict disease


If you dream that your hair is turning grey, you will suffer a disease. Other indicators of worsening health are spoiled food, rotten teeth and bleeding.

If you dream that you're walking around with torn or way too tight-fitting clothes, expect a briefly lasting health issue, after which you will quickly be on your feet once more.

A dream of a blind person is a warning that someone close to you will fall terribly ill.

A tick-tocking clock in a dream is also a sign of disease.

Dreams that predict death

According to some, the appearance of a black veil or scarf in a dream is a sign of death in real life. Teeth falling out are also a harbinger of tragic events.

Among the most horrifying dreams that portend death, are those with a bat and screech owl. If you're picking mushrooms in your dream or someone is handing you picked mushrooms, you will irrevocably lose something important to you.

Dreams that predict bad news


If you're walking through ditches or mud in a dream, you can expect bad news in reality. Flies and cockroaches in a dream are also a sign of not particularly pleasant news.

Hair falling out forebodes unpleasant surprises, while the voice of a deceased relative portends bad news that you will hear in the future.

It is believed that if you wash your face under a stream of running water after a dream predicting misfortune, the dream won't come true. The same effect can be achieved by the ritual of describing the dream while facing toward blowing wind.

In this way you free yourself of the negative emotions, which the dream provokes. If however, while dreaming, you sensed a smell, taste or touch, then the dream will definitely come true.