What Recurring Dreams Mean

Nina NordNina Nord

Our dreams help us to reflect on our habits and views. Recurring dreams mean that our reflection has been completely unsuccessful.

According to modern psychology, recurring dreams signify something very important to us. The subconscious uses the method of repetition to imprint some truly crucial message in our conscious.

Repetition means that our reaction hasn't changed, that's why we need to be constantly reminded. This composes the phenomenon of recurring dreams.

This is why we need to treat them seriously. The subject of the dream is usually repeated, even though the scenes themselves might be different. Such dreams are remembered because they are highly emotional.

If, for example, you constantly dream that you're being chased out of a long line of people, this might be due to some types of problems at work. Your thoughts program your conscious about changing jobs, but this might also happen without you willing it.

In such cases, before falling asleep, you need to imagine the recurring dream and tell the person chasing you that you're not going to budge. Then, usually, the relations with colleagues and bosses are normalized.


If a change takes places in a recurring dream, this signifies that your thoughts and feelings are beginning to change. You become ever more confident in yourself, find new qualities in yourself and normalize your relations with people whom you have been unable to find common ground with.

At times, recurring dreams can be a warning by the body, that is sensing the beginning of a disease. Every organ is also connected to the brain hemispheres through the nerves.

Sick people, as well as those who are falling sick, remember what they have dreamt more often. Normally, such dreams have no connection with external factors and experiences.

There are cases in medicine, in which patients regularly dreamt that something has been biting them on the leg and then have gotten harmed in that exact spot.

If anxious recurring dreams with an element of a fear of death are combined with sudden waking, which also has to do with fear of death, this may be a symptom of a heart disease.