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Numbers in your dreams


Numbers seen in your dreams can tell you about future events, or to remind you of the past which still affects your life. The significance of the numbers in your dream may be a literal or "cipher" sense.

Interpreting the numbers

Numbers that occur in your dream may appear differently. For example, you can not dream of certain figures like the amount of people or objects. If you dream of counting money, that means improving your financial situation. While, if you count people for example, students in class or queue in the shop , it means that you feel overwhelmed with responsibilities. If you count yourself, it means exhaustion and fatigue, but if someone helps you to count, this speaks of a career. Counting and writing numbers implies it is a need for financial control over costs, but if the account of numbers is wrong, this means that the chances for you are running thin.

Numbers and codes

If you can recover memory numbers that you dreamed of you should save them because they contain facts about the time or date of important events in your near future. Similar figures may occur in the form of numbers, codes, dates or even the number of lottery tickets, which are winning combinations. Numbers in dreams can be combined with different letters combinations, in this case, you should carefully record the numbers and letters in the diary of your dreams.

The numbers from zero to five

Mystical significance of numbers in dreams largely coincides with their importance in numerology and astrology. Moreover, these sources are useful when you want to do in depth analysis of the numbers in your dreams.

Numbers in your dreams

The overall effect of the numbers from 0 to 5 is such: 0 symbolizes the cycle of life, 1 is a symbol of creativity and intellect, 2 stands for a woman's home, magic number 3 is a symbol of the trinity and creativity of men in the home, figure 4 is related to the verse of the Earth, solidarity and justice means, 5 is a symbol of marriage.

Figures 6 to 10

6 is a symbol of completeness and serenity, 7 is the most sacred and magical number that represents wisdom, holiness and secret knowledge, 8 is the symbol for infinity, 9 foretells pregnancy and success, 10 is the embodiment of unity of the universe, and the completion of a phase and creating a positive atmosphere, which contributes to progress.

Two-digit numbers

Two-digit numbers deserve special attention: 13, symbol of power and not necessary the power of bad luck as some say, 19 will bring you good luck in life and inspiration and 21 predicts that the objectives will be achieved and will bring freedom.



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31.10.2014 02:59
I have have had the triple number of 666 in my dreams for awhile now and also seeing 666 numbers randomly while I am out driving or shopping and wondering what it means
23.09.2012 20:55
I have never dreamed numbers.. or i just don't remember.. i don't know! :D