Dreams About the Ex

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Every woman has dreamed about her ex-husband or boyfriend at least once. The first thing that occurs to the woman at this moment is that maybe this is a reminder that she was wrong to break up with him.

But when you dream of your ex, it simply means that inside you cannot part with him, you still have strong feelings and affection, although you do not admit them even to yourself.

On a subconscious level, you are still attracted to the thought that you can be happy together, even if you do not realize it, even if you hate and despise him and are convinced that you do not want to see him.

When you dream of your ex, it means that because of something you cannot forget him. If in your dream you are together again and your relationship is developing beautifully, it means that you have finally decided to give it up in real life and your heart is open to a new relationship.

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If you dream that you see him walking with his arms around another, it means that inside you still cannot forgive him for cheating, even if it exists only in your fantasy.

When you dream about your first love, it means that something in your current partner has been annoying you for a long time, but you don't want to admit to yourself that the time has come to part forever.

If in your dream your ex-boyfriend or husband is constantly watching or following you, it means that his feelings for you have not died out, although you do not care at all about him.

If you are kissing with your ex in your dream, it means that hot new acquaintances await you. If you fight with your ex-partner in a dream, it means that pleasant events await you.

If in your dream that your ex looks very bad and asks you for help, this is a sign that you still want to take revenge on him for something he did to you and you have not forgiven him for.

If you see yourself in your dream unhappy and poor and your ex does not want to help you, this is a sign that you are feeling sorry for yourself after breaking up with him.