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What Our Favorite Number Reveals about Our Character

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Numerous experts have stated that our favorite things can reveal some of our character traits. This also goes for our favorite number, according to numerologists.

If your favorite number contains more digits, you need to add them up until you get a single digit number.

The number 1

If 1 is your favorite number, you are a person who dislikes solitude and wants to be part of a stable relationship. You are not the type of person to take reckless risks and people like you because you are nice, compassionate and listen to what they have to say.


The number 2

You are a person who manages to control your emotions, even though you are ready to explode because of your feelings. People like you because you seem to be a reliable person who can be counted on. You avoid sharing your feelings and prefer to keep your inner world to yourself.

The number 3

Persons, whose favorite number is 3, are very confident and have no qualms about speaking the truth openly and directly. You do not care about others' opinion but manage to impress them with your strong character.

The number 4

Number four

Stability is of key importance to folks who like the number 4. For you, it is vital to have your own home and saved money. These people are quite worrisome and often turn even their smallest problem into a huge drama.

The number 5

Five reveals people with an unusually high intuition. These types of people are exceptionally caring and would even help those who don't deserve it. For those who don't know them, admirers of 5 appear to have way too high self-confidence.

The number 6

If your favorite number is 6, you are quite a unique personality, who thinks and acts differently from others. People around you like you because you always manage to surprise them.

The number 7

You are a temperamental personality, who would never forsake your principles. You don't like solitude but would also never put up with a person who is not on your level. You dislike being ordered around and are born leaders.


The number 8

People, whose favorite number is 8, love to satisfy their every whim. For them, it is important to earn as much money as possible in order to use them for as many pleasures as possible. These people have a very difficult time falling in love.

The number 9

Folks, who like 9s, are highly unpredictable. They possess a wonderful sense of humor and can always find the way out of any situation. They are great adventurers and love to flirt.

The number 0

0 is the favored digit of people who are not confident in themselves. Even if they have their own opinion, they are afraid to speak it out loud. These types of people tend to remain in the shadows.