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Our Voice and Speech Reveal Our Entire Character

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The timbre, intonation, as well as the most commonly used words which we use to express our thoughts, clearly reveal our character, even when we try to conceal some sides of it.

A loud and high-pitched voice when speaking with someone is proof of high-energy but also inexperience. Individuals who speak with a higher tone give the impression to the person across from them that they are way too young and in some cases, quite inadequate.

Whenever we speak with a higher tone than others, we show that we are unstable. The opposite is also true - the softer and quieter the tone, the more trust we convey to the other person since a quiet tone is associated with dependability.

While speaking, we can change our timbre, which is a clear sign of the changes in our emotional state. For example, if we begin raising our tone, it shows we are irritated and when we lower it - that we see the other person as trustworthy.

Based on the style the person uses, one can also unmistakably determine the temperament of someone we have recently met.


Persons who use a lot of interjections in their phrases are more narrow-minded and indecisive. If the sentences of a given individual usually begin with a conjunction, then that person constantly feels doubts and contradictions.

In the sarcasm of the people who use it, one can find hostility, anger and jealousy, which they are trying to suppress because they think these to be irrational.

Those who use jargon and slang are often trying to fit into a particular group or be liked.

Be very wary of people who begin with "Let me be honest with you, " because such phrases are a clear indication that that person will not at all be honest with you.

Another obvious sign of a lie is the pause before someone begins a sentence with well, uh and other similar interjections. This is evidence that the person speaking is hesitant about what they are saying.

People who speak choppily often have emotional or mental problems. In many cases, this can be a sign of schizophrenia.