The sanctity of cats

The sanctity of cats

The cat is considered a sacred animal and not only by the ancient Egyptians. They are most strongly associated with the cat goddess Bastet.



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Cats - If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes

If the cat is relaxed - your life flourishes


Cats have been known to attribute mystical powers. When something is wrong around us we have a distorted energy aura. It is immediately noticed by the cat. Superstitions with cats.

Cats - Napoleon had a phobia of cats

Napoleon had a phobia of cats


All great men have their fears and phobias. French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a fear of cats. Phobia of cats is called Felinophobia. This phobia was not unique to Napoleon.

Cats - Beliefs and cats

Beliefs and cats


Recently in England the view has spread that keeping cats means there is love in the home. There superstitions with cats.

Cats - Cats and witchcraft

Cats and witchcraft


In folklore the cat is the animal that is always the attendant to witches, wizards and fortune tellers in related cat superstitions.

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