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How cats heal people

How cats heal people

Cats are not only good for their owners with their presence, but completely improve their health. A Spanish girl named Maria was run over by a drunk driver and was in coma. After months lying in the hospital, she was released and her parents suffered as they watched how she does not wake up.

The girl was rescued by a street cat. "The room was dark, but then I saw that a dirty street cat lying on the bed of my daughter and licking her left hand. Her fingers began to move, "says the mother of Maria.

The child's parents left the cat at home. He kept lying on the girl and licked her hands. After eight days of cat therapy, Maria came out of the coma.

An American had long suffered from menstrual cramps. She adopted a kitten from a shelter that every month during her cycle slept onto her stomach and the pain subsided.

Owners of cats live five years longer than those who do not have cats. Cats soothe and reduce blood pressure. Cats stabilize your heart, eliminating joint pain and headaches, promotes rapid healing and lowering inflammation.

The therapeutic effect of cats occurs while petting your pet, or if it rests upon you. Cats often lie down on the spot where the inflammatory process is and thus, stop a disease in its infancy.

Cats treat arthritis, osteoarthritis and radiculitis. They also act as professional psychotherapists. They have an astonishing ability to quickly establish mental contact with the patient.

The heat and the cat’s purrs work on calming the psyche of patients with neurological diseases . The purring of cats is very useful for depression, neurosis and other nervous disorders.