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Pets according to your star sign

Pets according to your star sign

Aries will best feeling in Shepherd, of whatever type - German, Collies, etc. These dogs are with an independent character, which is in keeping with the nature of the Aries. For an Aries, as a cat is suitable the Egyptian Mau, which has a spot like a scarab on his forehead.

Taurus is best off choosing a big dog with a strong character – like a Newfoundland. This animal is essentially balanced and calm. From cats, the Burmese breed is suitable.

Gemini feel perfectly comfortable with a Terrier, Doberman Pinscher and Schnauzer - these breeds best suited to their temperament. Siamese cats are appropriate too.

People born under the sign of Cancer will feel wonderful with dachshund and a golden retriever, as well as a Persian cat.

Representatives of Leo are at harmony with the majestic animals - bulmastif, English Mastiff, Cane Corso. Among cats, a special breed Siberian cats that have blue eyes are suitable for them.

Virogos are suitable for dachshunds, malamuts, English and Irish Setters. When choosing a cat, it is better to get the Russian blue cat, known for its aristocracy.

A Libra will feel perfectly happy with a yorkshire terrier, mini Spitz, Poodle, shar- pei. Most suitable is the Angora cat.

Scorpio will work most perfectly with a Boxer, Rottweiler, Dogo Argentino and the Bull Terrier. Siamese cats are the best breed of cat for them.

Sagittarius is freedom-loving, and that should be found in the dog they own - the breeds most suitable are hounds. American Shorthair Selkirk cats are suitable for them.

Capricorn fits in with Caucasian Shepherds, St Bernards and Cane Corso. Most suitable for them is the Angora cat.

Aquarius will feel better with a dalmatian, as well as a dog that is not pedigreed, but clever by nature. Among cats, the Aquarius is better to orient themselves to the Russian blue cat.

Pisces are in line with U.S. cocker spaniels, and all other hounds who love water. The Norwegian Forest Cat is ideal for them.



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purple monkey
purple monkey
05.11.2012 00:42
OMIGOSH! I'm a Sag, and I have a cat who is a American Shorthaired. He loves to go outside, I have a great relationship with my pets.