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Mystics: If you Hate Cats, your Karma is Tarnished


Although cats convey fondness in most people, it's no secret that there are those among us who loathe these charming creatures. But this is no coincidence.

Cats are in fact something like a karmic gauge of a person and if they provoke negative emotions in someone, this is not a good sign for them. If, on the other hand, the person feels great in the company of a cat, it means their karma is clean, say mystics and seers.

According to them, if we feel extremely uncomfortable around cats, we have to think seriously about our life. We may have made a mistake of some kind that we should try to fix.

Experts state that the majority of cat-haters are actually people with very burdensome karma. They most likely come from a family of violence or have addictions. If these individuals find themselves near a cat, it will act restlessly and hostilely toward them.

If the individuals in question change their lives, they would then see their communication with cats change as well, experts advise.

Kid with Cat

They also explore what the cat's mission is in relation to its admirer. According to psychics, they can abate their owner's headache, improve their mood, normalize blood pressure and help them overcome depression.

Cats always sense when something with our aura is amiss and immediately seek a way to help us. They can pick out both spiritual, as well as physical, pain, mystics say.