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What Cat Breed Are you Based on Zodiac Sign?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Since antiquity, the cat has been considered a holy animal, symbolizing gracefulness and lots of luck. According to beliefs in ancient cultures, each person carries within them the character of a particular cat breed.

Aries - Serval

A wild cat that can never be domesticated. Its fury and aggression can erupt in seconds but it would never attack someone behind their back. Concealing their emotions is not typical for them and they would react right away if provoked.

Taurus - Cheetah


The finest, most beautiful cat in the animal kingdom. Cheetahs are also aggressive animals but would attack only if they feel threatened. People belonging to this breed are true masters of sarcasm and can very quickly humiliate you, sending you a biting remark your way.

Gemini - Panther

This breed is recognized by its mystic beauty and astonishing intellect. Panthers are tremendously sly and would attack without thinking about it. Individuals under this sign can judge people as if they're reading their thoughts.

Cancer - Wildcat

The most mysterious cat breed, that likes to observe events from a safe distance. Wildcats are adept at hiding their intentions and the wild in them will only come out when someone takes advantage of their good nature. They have a hard time trusting others and letting someone get close to them.

Leo - Lion

True leaders among cats - bold, majestic, powerful and strong. Lions manage to subjugate others with ease, inciting respect and awe among them. But when their ego and dignity are hurt, these cats are poised to tear you to pieces.

Virgo - Siamese Cat


A temperamental and exceptionally curious cat. This breed is also the most accomplished of manipulators, always managing to get what they want through others. The Siamese cat can be a real beast if provoked and will use all available methods to hurt you.

Libra - Snow Leopard

The most seductive cat breed. They possess a phenomenally strong will which helps them survive even in the harshest conditions. Snow leopards are perfectly familiar with the laws of the jungle, where only the fittest and bravest survive. Their emotional intelligence is also notable.

Scorpio - Bengal Tiger

Bengal tigers are passion and might rolled into one. Without too much effort they can defeat animals twice their size. Tigers are ruthless toward their enemies, their tough character not allowing any mercy. People belonging to this breed always put their own interests ahead of everything else.

Sagittarius - Persian Cat

A level-headed and calm cat that radiates unbelievable charisma and grabs the attention of all present. But the Persian Cat can be no less aggressive if provoked and will in seconds change its static pose to an offensive one.

Capricorn - Black Cat

According to ancient beliefs, the black cat is a reincarnation of the Devil and brings only trouble and misfortune. Black cats truly do have quite an unbalanced character; it's almost impossible to calm them. They turn savage when attacked which is why we must be cautious with them.

Aquarius - Caracal


The behavior of this cat breed is always surprising and unexpected. They love it when they stand out in the crowd and do everything in their power to be unique. Persons of the caracal breed are experienced in tricking others and secretly delight in others' misfortune.

Pisces - European Shorthair

The European shorthair is kind, good and all it takes is one look to want one at home. They are an example of grace but are afraid of being alone and always seek company.

The European shorthair can be quite vulnerable but can often over exaggerate as well.